Motorcycles: Useless For Moving

One of the nice things about my job is that it is relatively easy to get boxes. It takes several weeks to get enough to pack your entire house, but it does save you some money. However, it’s very hard to get those boxes home on a motorcycle. In fact not surprisingly motorcycles are useless for nearly all moving related chores.

I’m sure that people in third world countries might disagree, but even then I’m sure they would rather have a car if they could.

I'm just not sure how this is really done.

I’m just not sure how this is really done.

Which means I’ve had to drive the car a bit more lately, which isn’t really helping my mood.

So I guess there is something that my motorcycle is still helping with the move…

It’s keeping me sane.

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Death Valley: It’s been spoiled again

I was supposed to be riding to Death Valley today. Instead I was at work, and this evening I’ll be packing…

Hoping for an epic trip! (someday)

Hoping for an epic trip! (someday)

Packing up the rest of my condo, since we’re still pushing hard to get out so we can sell.

Damn life always getting in the way of the fun. I know it’s for the greater good and over all I am really looking forward to having more space for motorcycles, but this damn Death Valley trip needs to get done, I want to write over the memories of the last attempt, and I also really want to ride through the area. However, it’s not going to happen this year. I’m going to pencil it in for Spring 2015 and hope for the best.


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Looking for a Bigger Garage

If you follow this blog you may have noticed that I’m posting with a bit erratically these past few weeks. Or maybe you haven’t noticed…  I however feel bad for the lack of posting.  I wanted to apologize for the lack of MotoCynic in your lives. I should be writing more in November. I’ve been trying hard to keep posting a few times a week, but it’s been hard since I’ve been pretty busy.

You see the Lovely Wife and I are getting our home ready to sell, and there is much packing, painting, and fixing that is keeping me away from the keyboard. Once we get the home on the market, things should calm down until it sells. Then we’ll start looking for a new place. A place with room for motorcycles, a place with a Garage!

This has long been a dream of mine, a garage of my own, where I can keep my motorcycles and do the simple things like oil changes and chain maintenance. So that’s why I’m not writing as much lately. The dream of a garages is keeping me from writing nonsense about motorcycles.

I would be happy with something like this:

I'm not sure my wife would like this much though...

I’m not sure my wife would like this much though…


Most likely we hope to end up with something like this:


Small-House-Plans-With-Garage (1)


It’s going to be a process of many months, but once we get a new place I promise to share pictures of the Garage.

Thanks for being patient.

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The long way home, google is slower than I am

I took the Long Way Home late last week. A co-worker asked how many miles it was out of my way. I couldn’t remember so before heading out I mapped it out on Google, and was surprised to see that Google thought it was going to take me an hour and 20 minutes to get home! I never thought it took me that long, but then I rarely pay close attention, if you asked me I would have said like 45 minutes to an hour. All I really know is it’s an awesome ride home, and I just have to tell my wife I’m going to be a bit later than normal.

Looking bad, not a bad way to spend some time. Maybe I should slow down and enjoy it more?

Looking bad, not a bad way to spend some time. Maybe I should slow down and enjoy it more?

So in the interest of Science I made note of the time before heading home and thankfully I remembered to look at the time when I got home.

Heh, google drives slow! I did it in an hour, and I stopped 3 different times. Once for these pictures, once for moving the 6 lbs of cat food out of my back pack and into my tail pack, and once to park and wait for road construction to let us past.

Note: there were more pictures… but in a phone software update/failed backup they were lost. =(

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A Curious Case of Crankcase Karma

A strange and awesome thing happened on the internet the other day. But first some back story…

When I started riding in 2006 I was lucky to hang out with a bunch of other Ducati Monster riders. A great group of people who were very supportive and despite their reputation big fans of full gear and safe riding. In the following years we’ve all drifted apart, marriages, kids, other motorcycles etc, I still consider them my extended motorcycling family so when something major happens I share it on the forums.

So of course this is what I did a couple of weeks ago when a poorly installed master link broke my new engine and my heart. I linked my blog to the forum taking the opportuninty to curse my bad luck and, to be honest, look for some sympathy. I got what I wanted (sympathy and commiseration) but I also got some unexpected help. A fellow user read about my plight and realized he could help since he had the cases for a 620 engine sitting in his garage. He upgraded his Monster to an 800 and he had no need for them anymore. He contacted me and offered them to me. He refused payment, and just let me take them in an amazing act of paying it forward.

This is a picture of me and my new buddy, from here on to be known as Mr. Awesome.

This is a picture of me and my new buddy, from here on to be known as Mr. Awesome.

So I’m on the road to recovery. I dropped off the cases at my mechanics and told them that whenever they had time they could start working on putting my 695 and 620 engines together in a Frankenstein type engine to get me back on the road.

I hope it all works out ok, I am beginning to miss my motorcycle again.

The Cases, without cracks and holes.

The Cases, without cracks and holes.

Much better looking, than the other "new" ones.

Much better looking, than the other “new” ones.

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September 30th, a day that I will never forget

I know there are better things to think of every September 30th, but for me the first thing that I think of every time I hear the date is my leg, and injuries I sustained when my BMW tried to kill me 4 years ago. If you want the details you can find them here.

Every year I always make an effort to be on a motorcycle for at least a little bit of the day. Mostly because I love to ride, and thankfully I still can ride, but also as part of making a personal statement, about continuing to do something I love despite it’s obvious dangers. Even if it is only riding back and forth to work it’s great to be out on a motorcycle, and I’m glad I’m still around to do it.

He' more machine than man now...

He’ more machine than man now…


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Shameless Self Promotion: You Should Follow Motocynic on Instagram

I ride motorcycles and I write about it. I also happen to take pictures of my motorcycle in cool places. You can see some of them below. If you feel like it you can always follow me on Instagram.

It is hard to believe this was nearly six months ago.

It is hard to believe this was nearly six months ago.

Is there anything better than Camping on a Motorcycle?

Is there anything better than Camping on a Motorcycle?

On 299 looking back on where I'd been.

On 299 looking back on where I’d been.

IMG_2727 IMG_2485 IMG_2455 IMG_2113 IMG_2055

I was almost home yesterday evening, but I had to stop and get this picture.

I was almost home yesterday evening, but I had to stop and get this picture.


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