A Few Photos of New York Motorcycles

I didn’t really take that many pictures in New York, about half of them were of motorcycles…

Here are some of the better ones.

BrooklynHipster ManhattanBMW BrooklynBMW BrooklynDucati

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Does New York City Really Have More Motorcycles than LA?

Early this year I wrote about how few motorcycles I saw while I was in Los Angeles. I was pretty shocked that in a city that is perfect for riding, no one does. I mean where else but Southern California is the weather nearly always sunny and you can lane split?

I get to visit New York almost as often as I have to go down to LA. When out there a few days ago I found it interesting that it seemed like New York had many more motorcyclists than LA. When out and about in NYC I saw way more people on motorcycles. Strange since this is in a city that isn’t nearly as nice to ride in. Certainly not year round, they have real weather in NYC and it is illegal to lane split.

There were tons of bikes of all sorts, and not just in the very Moto heavy neighborhood of Brooklyn where my friend lives. They were everywhere I went. I know that NYC is much more densely populated than LA, but I saw something like twenty times more motorcycles, way more than the density would suggest.

This sparked my curiosity to see just how close Motorcycles per person California was to New York. This led me to this site: http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2014/02/16/50-states-ranked-for-highest-motorcycle-ownership.aspx


Just a random street in Brooklyn, motorcycles all over the place.

Sadly both CA and New York are near the bottom of motorcycles per capita. I of course was a little surprised by the states with the highest numbers of motorcycles per capita. Since New York and California are so close in motorcycles per person I really can’t back up my claim that motorcycles are more common in NYC than LA. Just my anecdotal evidence that I saw a lot more there.

Looking at the data it made me really wish I could see a chart of motorcycles per capita by Metropolitan Area. It would give us a clearer picture since NYC draws a lot of people from New Jersey, and I would like to compare my motorcycle rich San Francisco Bay Area to both LA and NYC.

However, after all of this casual research I have to say that LA most likely has more motorcycles, but only by a little. Leading me to conclude that I stand by what I said in March: what is up with LA? If NYC is even close with having actually really crappy weather to ride in and nothing like the great roads and canyons that are relatively easy to get to from LA, Los Angeles needs more motorcycles.






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Rough Week

With my bike in the shop, my trip to New York City and an awful flu/cold my motorcycling has been nonexistent this week. I really hope everyone else is out enjoying the beautiful weather! I’ve been inside napping. I can’t wait till I feel better an my bike is out of the shop, the wait is killing me.
In the mean time here are a couple of pictures from my trip to the Big Apple.


BMW was trying so hard to be cool with this bike…


Doesn't look that crazy from up here.

Doesn’t look that crazy from up here.

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Sports Cars: For People Too Scared to Ride a Motorcycle

So I was working on this “article” for another blog and I thought I would share it with you all. Check it out here.

My Friends Driveway. He wouldn't have gotten the FRS if he'd gotten the Yamaha first.

My Friends Driveway. He wouldn’t have gotten the FRS if he’d gotten the Yamaha first.

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Ok, I’m getting a bit crazy now.

I’ve now been unable to ride my motorcycle for almost three weeks, never mind that I can ride my wife’s bike… I want my motorcycle back.

I know they (were) both Ducati Monster 620’s making the same power, I even moved my seat from my bike to her’s trying to make it feel no different. It was OK for a while, but now it’s not quite as fun as riding mine. Sure it’s the little things that I notice, five gears instead of six, no slipper clutch and brakes that are a bit sharper with the initial bite. They don’t bug me, these things just remind me that it’s not my motorcycle.

It’s that certain je ne sais quoi… that my bike has. Which I think translates to “I really can’t go as fast on my wife’s bike since if I crash on it I might as well be killed in the crash because she’ll kill me anyway”.


Or maybe it is just because it’s red.

I'd hate me too if I knew this  was how I rode home.

I  can’t wait to have her back.


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A story from my stay in the Hospital (ages ago I’m fine)

2010 September, and I was flying down the road, thanks BMW. Thinking back, I am still amazed that I was not hurt much worse. I couldn’t walk, but besides my broken leg and arm there wasn’t a scratch on me. I did not spill a drop of blood after coming off a motorcycle at highway speeds. My epidermis was completely intact.
That is amazing to me.

I was really happy about this reading material my family brought me... they doubted the wisdom of the choice.

I was really happy about this reading material my family brought me… they doubted the wisdom of the choice.

The same couldn’t be said for the guy who came in later. Also a motorcycle accident, maybe that is why they thought we should share a room. I couldn’t see him, I wasn’t watching as he came in and they had the curtain up between us. I could however, hear him talking to his friends, family and the doctors.
Apparently he crashed while getting off the freeway. He hit a patch of gravel and went down. It was a low side, not much of a crash really, simply sliding along, doesn’t sound that bad… oh wait he wasn’t wearing any gear except a helmet.

From what I could tell, he wouldn’t be using his hands for months, they had to reattach one of his fingers that was hanging on by tendons. The rest of him wasn’t much better, I know he couldn’t lie on his back.
I know how hard it is to recover from an accident, not walking without assistance for nearly 4 months was very difficult emotionally as well as physically. I can’t even imagine what it was like for him, not able to use his hands for a similar length of time. I never heard much more, they moved him to another room the next day, and I had my own recovery to occupy my mind. I do hope it all worked out.

So if you ever wonder why I wear gear, that’s it. One night in a hospital, two patients, two very different outcomes. I can say with complete confidence that if my fellow patient had been wearing gear his hospital stay might not have even been needed, I guarantee it would have been shorter.

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I’m the luckiest guy in the world (my wife is letting me borrow her motorcycle)

If you’ve been following along with my motorcycle adventures (of course you are) you know that my Ducati Monster is in the shop getting an newer and larger engine put into it.
Now for a lot of motorcyclists this would be a very frustrating time for them, as they would be forced to drive to work and taking the “long way home” is never as good in a car. When your motorcycle is in the shop you have to sit and traffic and stew, counting the seconds until you get their motorcycle back and your free again.
I know this, because occasionally I’ve been there. However, not this time. My lovely wife has graciously allowed me to ride her bike during this time of no-moto.

The Lovely Wife gets ready to ride again.

The Lovely Wife gets ready to ride again.

She takes public transit to work so she doesn’t nee hers every day anymore, and since I’ve (apparently) been good I can use her motorcycle. I still miss my bike, but since I’m still riding every day, I’m not snapping at co-workers and grumbling to myself all the time.

Maybe she's hoping that by being sweet I'll get her a new one?

Maybe she’s hoping that by being sweet I’ll get her a new one?

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