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New Boots: Breaking them in

I got some new motorcycling boots for Christmas. My amazing Wife got me the Forma Adventure Boots. I’m pretty excited about them. This is the first pair of mor enduro type boots I’ve ever worn/used. I’m of mixed feelings about … Continue reading

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Riding in the Rain: I need new gear…

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my new commute (and it not being a drought year) means I’m riding in the rain a lot more than I have in the past few years. Apparently my gear has aged in … Continue reading

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New Rider: Gearing Up

In addition to my brother, it seems like I’ve had a quite a few friends looking into starting motorcycling either as passengers or riding. Of course they come to me for advice on gear, which surprisingly I have some trouble … Continue reading

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My Daily Gear

Every morning before I get on the motorcycle I put on over 20 lbs of gear. Some of it is to keep myself from freezing, but most of it is there to protect me should the worst happen (again). I … Continue reading

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The Boots

It’s hard to write critically about something if you have nothing to compare it to. I like my boots, and they came well recommended (by the BMW man). So what’s good about them? I feel safe in them, shin armor … Continue reading

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This is the Index post for all of my motorcycling gear posts. I have used a fair amount of gear in my years and many commuting miles of riding, and someone might find it interesting what I thought was good … Continue reading

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