Three Riding Modes on the Ducati Hyperstrada

The Hyperstrada is a modern motorcycle. Digital Dash, Ride by Wire, ABS brakes, Traction control and a Choice of Engine Maps are all part of your average motorcycle these days. All of which I’m reasonably happy with. I’ve spoken at length in the past on how important I think ABS is, so I won’t waste anymore words now on that. I do want to talk about the riding modes (engine maps) that my Ducati Hyperstrada comes with.

Ducati names them on the bike Urban, Touring and Sport. In my head I have different names for them. I think of them as Rain, Normal and Speeding Tickets.

Urban (Rain) is pretty much just good for riding in the rain. I did use it for almost the first 100 miles I rode the bike, but the reduced power and throttle response is a bit annoying once you’re used to what the bike can normally do. Which means since then I’ve spent nearly all of my time riding in the dry in Normal.

Touring (Normal) is all the power, with a softer throttle response, it’s great. Fast enough for anyone whose never had more than 75 Horsepower available before. I’ve done thousands of miles in Touring mode with a grin on my face.

Sport Mode (Speeding Tickets) hasn’t been used much. I did buy the motorcycle in November, right before California had the wettest winter since I started riding a motorcycle. Leaving me limited opportunities to test out the mode that had “abrupt” throttle response compared to the other riding modes. Giving you all the power your traction can handle, or more if you decided to turn off the already lowered setting of traction control. However, last weekend on the way home from getting my oil changed I accidently ended up in the menu for selecting riding mode options, and I decided what the hell, it’s dry let’s see what this sport thing is really about.

Holy Crap.

It’s… SO.  MUCH.  FUN.

I thought the bike did a decent 0-stupid fast in touring mode. It now does it faster. Which is why in a rare moment in between whoops of joy in my helmet I decided to name it Speeding Ticket. So maybe, just maybe I’ll remember to take it easy, and in the process keep my license.

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Inflammatory Headlines

How does lane-splitting out weigh riding with out a helmet as cause of death?

I don’t even know where to start.

I am beyond upset with this publication for using an anti-motorcycling headline.

Instead of drawing attention to the things that actually were most likely the cause of death they instead use Lane Splitting as the headline, a practice that has been proven to be safer for motorcyclists.  (Here’s a link to the paper on the study) Using this headline it makes it sound as if land splitting is the reason he died. Nevermind that alcohol has been linked to something like 40% of single vehicle motorcycle fatalities.  Or the fact that not wearing a helmet makes it much more likely to die from serious head trauma.

Instead the whole article discusses how lane splitting is a legal grey area, which as far as I know legislators are working on to improve.

Which makes it seem very anti motorcycling. Instead of blaming the cause of death on things that make motorcycling dangerous, it instead makes the headline something that keeps us safer.

Sorry if this is a bit of a ramble, I’m really upset but wanted to post something about it before it was old news.

If you’d like to complain to them

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Rest in Peace: Nicky Hayden

As a Motorcyclist I realize there is a certain amount of danger in what I do. I try to reduce it as much as I can, but it’s always there. I’m sure that the brave and extremely talented people who race motorcycles are the same, they know the risks. Every race weekend they know what they are doing is dangerous, but it’s just a part of who they are.  The dangers of riding on a motorcycle at extreme speeds is something a motorcycle racer just accepts, and if the worst should happen, we know that they died doing something they loved.

Which leaves me in a weird place with Nicky Hayden’s untimely passing. He died on a bicycle training to keep in shape for racing. Dying while doing a comparatively mundane and everyday thing strangely makes it even more tragic and sad. It seems unfair to me.

I’ve always been fond of Nicky, and I’m sad that I didn’t follow racing when he was winning the MotoGP world championship in 2006. I was really hoping that his move to world superbikes was going to lead to another world championship for him, but sadly we’ll never know.

I offer my condolences to all his other fans. I hope his family and friends take some comfort from knowing that he was respected and loved by his fans, and his memory will live on.



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Brotherhood of Motorcyclists?

A few weeks ago I was side swiped by a reckless rider. He was riding in the shoulder or lane splitting at such high speeds that I didn’t see him when I checked my mirrors a few seconds before we collided.

I was too busy not crashing to realize what happened right away, but I quickly realized that the black shape that flew past my face was my left mirror. Unfortunately by the time I put it together the other motorcyclist was speeding away. Initially I was glad he wasn’t hurt, and that neither of us had crashed in heavy traffic, however he just broke my motorcycle and took off…

Not very brotherly. At first I just assumed that he didn’t know what he’d done and I thought that maybe if I caught up and honked at him and flashed my lights he might pull over.


He just sped up, now lane splitting past nearly stopped traffic at near or above the posted speed limit. I really wanted get my mirror paid for, but not at the risk of my life. I slowed down and let him go, he was riding the bike like he stole it, which who knows maybe that’s what was going on.

So I’m replacing my left mirror for the second time in six months. Let’s hope it’s the last time.

Overall I was pretty disappointed in this guy, it’s one thing to be taken out by those idiots texting and driving, but it is especially sad to be hurt and have my bike broken by someone who should have known better and was “one of my own”. I know it is silly to think that this guy would give more of a crap about me just because of the way we like to get from point A to point B. I’m just another face in the masses to him.

Hell, he probably doesn’t wave to other motorcyclists either.

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A Big Announcement

I’m not sure where this blog will be as I prepare to embark on another amazing adventure with my wife. I’m hoping I will continue to share my (perhaps limited) motorcycle adventures with you all.
However in October there are big changes for me.

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9000 Miles: Time to Change the Oil?

Well it’s been six months and 9000 miles of Hyperstrada ownership. It’s been fun so far, despite the fact that I pulled my usual “crash your new motorcycle” trick again.

Everyone knows Ducati’s are maintenance intensive and sure enough after only 9000 miles I have to do some maintenance.

I have to change the oil.

That’s not all though, Ducati recommends that I change the spark plugs and clean out the air filter as well (and some other basic maintenance). Which sounds pretty simple considering that on my Monster, I’d done one valve service already and be halfway to my next one.

To some 9000 miles between oil changes on a motorcycle seems like a lot so I decided that I would take a sample at 5000 miles and send it to the good folks at Blackstone Labs and see what they thought. Well they thought it looked good and to keep going, so I did.

With another 4000 miles on the bike I sent them another sample. This time they thought I should change it. Just like Ducati told me to.  I’ll send them another sample at halfway again and see what things look like otherwise, Ducati thinks I’m good for another 9000 miles.

Should be a good summer.

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A Writing Space: A MotoCynic Space

I’ve been writing a blog for over ten years, and while I got serious about it three years ago, I’ve never really had an office or a writing “space”. At least not until now.

In the beginning of the blog I just went to the closest coffee shop and found a table and worked on the blog. It was good, I got out of the house, and since we normally made an effort to walk there so I was getting exercise as well.

This all changed once we bought the house. There wasn’t a coffee shop we liked close by and we really couldn’t afford to pay for a latte every day.

So for the last few years I’ve been in a limbo. I had hopes of making a space in the garage, but as far as projects go it was pretty low priority.

Well a few weeks ago I finally got the last piece I needed to complete the area, a chair. So now I have my official space for working on the blog.


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