Planning Spring Trip 2017: Sometimes I wonder…

I’ve been planning a spring trip for the last 4 years, this year the 5th trip will be bigger than any other. Once again I’m worried about how it’s going to all going to turn out.

This year I was ahead of the game, I got the routes all figured out months ahead of time, the only thing I was bad about was sharing them with my readers.

Well, now that the rains here in California have well and truly messed up all my carefully made plans I’ll share with you what we were going to do for the Spring Trip.

The Basic Plan was ride to a campground and set up a base camp which we would stay at for 3 nights before moving to another campground for another two nights. We had planned to camp in Big Sur and then further south at Lake Casitas.

[So far we’ve got six motorcyclists and to make sure I can get the camping in, I’ve enlisted my parents to bring the trailer and support vehicle so we can have a good meal at the end of the day.]

Here are the Routes… sort of.

Of course these maps have corrected for the actual road closures. I really did not plan all that endless looping around. Well maybe some of it.

Day One


Day Two

Day Three would be a break from motorcycling

Day Four- Travel Day from Big Sur to Lake Camping

Day Five

So now that my Spring Trip Plans are a mess what will we do?

No idea, but I’m just hoping the rain will be mild and light from here on.

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Three Days of Sunshine!

This week started really well, I got to ride to work on dry roads and home in the sunshine for three whole days.

It was glorious. The weather was prefect, spring time temperatures and sunshine are amazing. I even got to take the long way home on one of those sunny days. Slowly since the winter here has been rough.  With all the rain we’ve been getting there are many sections of road with dirt, mud and water  as well as toppled trees. Most of the major stuff had been cleared by the time I was up there, but after sliding the bike down the road a few weeks ago caution was the order of the day. Still it was good to be out and I can’t wait for spring, because now…

Now it’s raining again.


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Happy Valentine’s Day

I have a new love and it’s red and beautiful even with the scuff marks.

Hope everyone got to spend some time with the ones they love today. The weather was beautiful here and I was glad to be out in it on two wheels.

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Getting Back on the Motorcycle

I crashed the new motorcycle a couple of weeks ago, and while I’m still healing from the bumps and the bike still doesn’t have a left mirror that hasn’t stopped me from riding.

I was back on the bike a couple of days later and riding as much as the extremely wet winter we’re having here in California will allow. I find it important to get back on the bike as soon as possible after a crash. Your confidence has already taken a big hit and letting it fester and letting your mind possibly make it worse isn’t a good idea.

The one thing I haven’t been good at getting back to is writing. Between the crash and some other things in my life I just haven’t had the time or the energy to get words out of my head and onto the page/screen.

My temporary fix for my gear shifter. I had to drill out the broken bit of the old one and then replaced it with the bolt and nuts you see in the photo.

Hopefully this post will be the first of many as I catch everyone up on my motorcycle adventures, the planning of my Spring Trip, and all the other nonsense you come to my blog to read!




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Crashing a Motorcycle Hurts

First I would like to thank everyone for the words of support I’ve gotten after my mishap last Wednesday. They were exactly what I needed to hear and have helped me from feeling like a complete idiot for crashing after only 3,650 miles on the new bike.

I’m working on a much longer post on what actually happened, but I haven’t finished it yet.  For now I was going to list my injuries, as minor as they seem, it’s nice to have a record of everything for my future reference if nothing else.

Even though the crash was a lowside crash it was nearly a highside and only thanks to experience and Traction Control was it not. Which means I came down relatively hard on my left side. My knee took the brunt of the impact (again, yeah the one that was shattered the last time I crashed). Not wanting to be left out I have a good bruise on my hip as well, and my shoulder is also sore and perhaps bruised but I can’t tell with my tattoo.

My gear withstood the crash well, all of it seems minimally impacted except for my left glove. It has a small tear in the palm and I’m not sure if I could count on it again in a crash, and certainly not a serious one.

Thanks again to all the supportive comments on my last post. I’m healing and riding again already. I’ll post more updates as I have time.


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Rough Week

I’ve had a tough time finding time to write lately, work has been hectic and the time just seems to disappear. With how tired I’ve been lately I should have known better and not have taken the long way home on Wednesday. Certainly not with how much mud and water are out there this time of year.

The new bike is definitely “broken” in.

It’s a bit rough on this is now.

Some detail on the damage.

My temporary fix for the shift lever.

My temporary fix for the shift lever.

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I’d Forgotten How Much Winter SUCKS

Even in California riding a motorcycle in the winter is not for the faint of heart. While most of the state is free of snow, riding in the rain, wet and cold isn’t fun and games. Riding in the rain and getting wet is something I haven’t had to deal with much for the last several years since we’ve had drought conditions. Which means I had kind of forgotten how much it sucks. I don’t mind the occasional ride in the rain, but it’s not really something I want to do all the time. Unfortunately with all the rain we are getting  I don’t have a choice. I have to ride in the rain or not ride.

While not riding might seem like a perfectly reasonable thing to do, it’s hard to not ride when you love it so much, and made even harder if you happen to have a new motorcycle.

This is how it goes, you ride in the rain one day because you miss it so much. It sucks, so the next day or the next time it rains you drive. If you’re lucky it rains while you’re driving and you feel super clever for dodging a wet ride. If you’re unlucky you end up driving in the dry and hate it the entire time. There really is no torture like being in a car driving when you could have been on a motorcycle.

This starts a vicious circle. Since you missed a dry ride the next time rain looks iffy you ride. Since you’re riding now you are lucky if it’s dry and unlucky if it rains. When it rains you start over with the driving. Rinse and Repeat ad nauseam.

I just hope I make it until Spring still sane.

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