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Three Riding Modes on the Ducati Hyperstrada

The Hyperstrada is a modern motorcycle. Digital Dash, Ride by Wire, ABS brakes, Traction control and a Choice of Engine Maps are all part of your average motorcycle these days. All of which I’m reasonably happy with. I’ve spoken at … Continue reading

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20+ Pounds Faster

If you have been reading this blog you know I’ve been actively working on slimming down. The motivations were many but I’ll be honest and say that making sure I did not get too heavy for my motorcycle gear was … Continue reading

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Faster does not equal warmer

Winter in the San Francisco Bay Area doesn’t mean the same thing as most of the USA. For most of the country it means snow, ice and no motorcycling. For me it just means cold and rain, which not nice … Continue reading

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It’s working

Two months ago I decided to try and reverse the trend of my weight gain that’s been heading generally upward for … well basically my entire life. I didn’t do much, I started walking more and downloaded an App to … Continue reading

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Working on going even faster on the Motorcycle

One of the reasons I ride a motorcycle is the Power to weight ratio is insane. For example my motorcycle (with me on it) has about 0.10 Horsepower per pound, While my Mini Cooper has about 0.05. Half as much … Continue reading

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