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Time for a New Roadcrafter

I got my aerostich early 2008, since then I’ve ridden easily over 100,000 miles in it. I have other gear, I almost never wear it. The Roadcrafter is just too easy to wear and is generally more comfortable than other … Continue reading

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State of the Aerostich: I want a new one

There we were, my brother, a friend of mine and I, fresh from a ride and grabbing a coffee before heading out again. We were talking about gear and it’s importance and I was looked down at my legs to … Continue reading

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My Aerostich Suit: I Washed It!

I got back from my Plan B ride and just like I always do when I get back from a motorcycle trip I feel like there wasn’t a bug left alive anywhere along the roads I traveled. One look at my suit … Continue reading

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Riding in the Rain: I need new gear…

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my new commute (and it not being a drought year) means I’m riding in the rain a lot more than I have in the past few years. Apparently my gear has aged in … Continue reading

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Is there anything worse than a Red Light on a Sunny Day?

Spring is definitely here, the sun is shinning and these last few days it’s been very warm. I do like the spring, it’s a great time to ride, no one likes being cold and freezing my way to work (and … Continue reading

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My Daily Gear

Every morning before I get on the motorcycle I put on over 20 lbs of gear. Some of it is to keep myself from freezing, but most of it is there to protect me should the worst happen (again). I … Continue reading

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Keeping me alive (and comfy)…My Aerostich after 5 years

If you had to slide down the road at 60+mph what would you want to be wearing? Not that sliding down the road is something I really wanted to be doing but sometimes you don’t get the option, as I … Continue reading

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