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9000 Miles: Time to Change the Oil?

Well it’s been six months and 9000 miles of Hyperstrada ownership. It’s been fun so far, despite the fact that I pulled my usual “crash your new motorcycle” trick again. Everyone knows Ducati’s are maintenance intensive and sure enough after … Continue reading

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New Rubber For the Hyperstrada

The Hyperstrada has over 5000 miles on it, and the rear tire is done. I wasn’t surprised, maybe a little disappointed though. Motorcycle tires just don’t last long enough for the miles I do. When looking for a replacement I … Continue reading

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Garage Project: Changing the Oil on a SV650

I’ve never bothered changing the oil on my Ducati Monster. With service intervals of 6000 and now 7500 miles it seemed a little crazy to do it more often than that. However, my brother owns  a proper Japanese bike with … Continue reading

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Changing Gears: Longer lasting Chain?

I’ve been riding everything in the garage the last couple of weeks. When I went down to pick up the ST2 after having its charging issues fixed I dropped off my FrankenMonster to see about an annoying oil leak from … Continue reading

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MotoCynic Tip: Keep an Eye on Your Motorcycle

Unless this is your first visit to my blog (if so WELCOME!) you know that my brother recently got his first motorcycle and is out there suffering through the steep learning curve that is riding a motorcycle. One of the … Continue reading

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New Brakes on the SV650S (First Motorcycle Project in New Garage!)

Strangely enough I’ve never put new brake pads on a motorcycle before… My brother’s new to him SV650S’ brakes seemed soft to me, but it wasn’t until I had another friend ride it that I could confirm this. Once I … Continue reading

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