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Bucket List: 2017 or Goals for Motorcycling

Bucket List: 2017 Goals When I first started writing my 2015 bucket list I was trying to write an actual bucket list, but settled for just a list of goals for the year. So in 2016 when I did the same … Continue reading

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Looking Back: 2016 Bucket List

Well it’s that time year, looking back to look forward.  For the last couple of years I’ve taken to writing a bucket list for the coming year. It’s good to look at it and see how I did. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Bucket List 2016: Update and Review

Last year my bucket list for motorcycling wasn’t that ambitious.  Rather, I did not think it was, but apparently buying and remodeling a house is a lot more work than I thought it would be. Here is the list from last … Continue reading

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My 2015 Bucket List: Update

It’s a work in progress doing fun things. Earlier this year I posted my 2015 Bucket List, and I thought I kept it reasonable… Now it looks like I’ll be lucky to get a couple of them off the list. … Continue reading

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My 2015 Motorcycling Bucket List

I’ve been working on a Bucket list for motorcycling, it’s still in process… I’m having some issues with trying to decide on how comprehensive to make it. So instead I decided I would just list out what I want to … Continue reading

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Finding Time For Motorcycles

Life just doesn’t stop. It keeps rolling right along and you just have to keep running to keep up. I (naively) thought that once we had packed up the house and gotten it on the market that things would calm … Continue reading

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