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Tire Life on the Hyperstrada

I March I put new tires on the Hyperstrada. I chose to go with the Bridgestone BT-023’s that I’ve use in the past on the Monster. I hope the life that I got out of them isn’t going to be … Continue reading

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New Rubber For the Hyperstrada

The Hyperstrada has over 5000 miles on it, and the rear tire is done. I wasn’t surprised, maybe a little disappointed though. Motorcycle tires just don’t last long enough for the miles I do. When looking for a replacement I … Continue reading

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Tires: Time for a New Front

I noticed this weekend that my front tire was looking really bad. So bad that I wondered how it got that far gone with out me noticing. Then I noticed it was the left side that was more worn and … Continue reading

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Tire is Still Holding Air

I’ve been checking every morning before I head out and it seems to be holding air OK. I think the little bit it is going down over the week (maybe a couple of PSI) is most likely because of the … Continue reading

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My Favorite Tires

I’ve put over 80,000 miles on my Ducati Monster 620 (er 695?) and there is no way to do that with out going through a few sets of tires. The mechanic I was going to when I first started riding … Continue reading

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Watch Your Rear Tire!

I’m going to come out and say it, too many people let their tires get really bad. Why am I thinking about this? Well I’m going to tell you a little story: I was riding home last week and I … Continue reading

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Oh Crap! My Poor Wheel!

So I hit that pot hole a few weeks ago and made that complaint to Caltrans. When it happened I was worried that I messed up my tire, but when I looked at it when I got home I did … Continue reading

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