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Six Years: Stop Looking back, time to look forward

  Six years, ten screws and one plate later and this day continues to be infamous with me. The good news is that for the first time on this day I am better than I have been before. I am … Continue reading

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Going Under the Knife: Surgery on my Leg

There is no way you’ve been following my blog for very long and you don’t know about my horrible experience on a BMW F800S. If you are new however the short version is, bad crash lots of metal in my … Continue reading

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BMW is 100 Years Old Today: Die in a fire BMW

I’m sure maybe someday I’ll get over BMW trying to kill me but today is not that day. Happy Birthday BMW, hope it sucks.  

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What I think happened that day my BMW tried to kill me

I’ve written a fair amount on what happened to me on September 30th 2010, so much so that I’d long ago decided that enough had been written. I was suprised to learn recently that I haven’t shared the full story, … Continue reading

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My legs hates this time of year. The cold gets to that unloved left leg of mine. I always suspected the weather makes it hurt more, this year sadly is proving my theory. When up in Fort Bragg in early … Continue reading

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Three years ago I could have died

Talk about life defining moments. I’m not sure I’ll ever completely realize how much my life changed as I tumbled down the Highway 101 just north of Santa Barbara. Some changes were immediately obvious, I was going to need a … Continue reading

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Use That Big Brain of Yours (wear a helmet)

No worries. I’m 25,000ish miles and counting crash free. (I really hope I haven’t jinxed myself.) I was looking at my closet full of motorcycle gear and realized that I really should finally get rid of my Helmets that I’ve … Continue reading

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