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Gear Area 2.0: Making Progress on the Garage

Shortly after posting about my gear area, I moved a lot of stuff around in my garage and replaced the shelves along the uphill side, which was the side my gear area was located on. Doing all this meant taking … Continue reading

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The MotoCynic Garage: How many little things make a big thing?

My wife’s Silver Ducati Monster has been living at the new home for the last couple of weeks. This past weekend mine joined it in the new garage. It may not seem like much, but it was another first for … Continue reading

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This Blog Would Write Itself

This blog would be so much easier if I could write down ideas as I rode the motorcycle. Most days I probably have at least one good idea about a topic to write about or an insight to something I’m … Continue reading

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MotoCynic’s Home Base

*I hope I’m not jinxing myself by starting this before I have the title in hand* Months of looking and finally after sorting through hundreds of house, going to dozens of open houses, and making over a half dozen offers … Continue reading

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Cool Stuff For My Garage (that I hope to have some day…)

I really had no idea how time consuming the whole process of looking for a house would be. With the market as insane as it is here I expected that we would have to put multiple offers in, but I … Continue reading

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Looking for a Bigger Garage

If you follow this blog you may have noticed that I’m posting with a bit erratically these past few weeks. Or maybe you haven’t noticed…  I however feel bad for the lack of posting.  I wanted to apologize for the … Continue reading

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