Ducati Hyperstrada (The New Moto Companion)

It’s with a heavy heart that I move on from my beloved FrankenMonster. So many rides and great times had on that bike. However, after over 100,000 miles together it was time for a new motorcycle.

Enter the Hyperstrada.

Chosen more for it’s do it all nature than it’s good looks she’s proven to be amazing in most things so far. Crazy amounts of power and a joy to ride I’ve been loving every mile.

There was not as much a need to make modifications like there was on the FrankenMonster since the Hyperstrada came with a lot of the extras over the basic Hypermotard. Things that I might have needed/wanted like the touring seat, side bags and center-stand meant there wasn’t a lot that needed changing. Of course nothing, even an amazing motorcycle like the this, is perfect right out of the box. However to start with I simply put frame sliders on right away (best to be prepared for the dreaded driveway drop).

Though the first modification came soon. After having the motorcycle just a week or so I ordered a rear rack so I could use my beat up old top case. The addition of a top case has turned her into the perfect commuter motorcycle.

Most of all I’m just looking forward to getting some real miles under her tires.