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Motorcycles: Because They Make Me Happy

I wrote just a few weeks ago about having one of those moments on a motorcycle. Not one of the “oh my god I’m going to die” moments that we have sometimes when some inattentive driver is trying to kill … Continue reading

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Worst Thing About Riding to Work: It’s hard to stop when you get there…

I just wanted to keep going. The weather has been really too good for February. It was in the mid 70’s on the ride home today, and not even that chilly in the early morning, perfect riding weather basically, and … Continue reading

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Writing About Riding

It’s been over six weeks since I have had more than the occasional hour to sit down in front of a computer and write. The days have been filled with packing, moving, painting, and repairing. The end of all that … Continue reading

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Looking for a Bigger Garage

If you follow this blog you may have noticed that I’m posting with a bit erratically these past few weeks. Or maybe you haven’t noticed…  I however feel bad for the lack of posting.  I wanted to apologize for the … Continue reading

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The Death of My Ducati Monster: Crushed doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel

Yesterday, I got up early to ride somewhere cool and watch the sunrise. Just one of those things I like to do on a motorcycle. Things I would never do if I had a less exciting mode of transport. (No one … Continue reading

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Rough Week

With my bike in the shop, my trip to New York City and an awful flu/cold my motorcycling has been nonexistent this week. I really hope everyone else is out enjoying the beautiful weather! I’ve been inside napping. I can’t … Continue reading

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So this sucks

Yesterday things were going pretty good. I took my brother to practice again on my bike and he was doing really well. Well enough that soon, we’re going to have to brave the streets so he get’s real experience. However, … Continue reading

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