Hyperstrada: I’m still waiting…

It’s been three weeks since I found out that my bike was going to need a new dash and ECU, and wait is killing me.

It could be worse, I could be not riding at all. Luckily I have my wife and friends bikes to fall back on when mine isn’t available. It has gotten so bad that I’m actually having dreams about riding the hyperstrada, which I can’t recall doing before I was forced to be without it for so long.

I did call them and ask what was going on, I was told the dash and ECU are on backorder and they have three in the shop waiting for them. No ETA… of course.


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Hyperstrada: Lost it’s mind

Last week on the way to work my motorcycle decided to lose it’s mind. The dash lit up like a Christmas tree and while the bike seemed to be running fine I decided not to risk anything. Luckily my Dad has a trailer we have set up for this sort of thing.

It has been ages since I’ve taken my motorcycle anywhere but Nichols, however since I’m really hoping this will be warranty work I needed to take it to a Dealership, and the closest one to my house is Munroe Motors.  Sadly you can’t just drop a motorcycle off these days. You need an appointment. Which means I’ve been a week without my Hyperstrada and just yesterday it finally got in to be looked at.

I’ll keep you posted once I know what is going on. Hoping for the best.

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2017: Looking back at a Year of Motorcycling

2017 was an amazing year. I put lots of miles on a new motorcycle. Went on a memorable trip in the spring. Rescued a friend from a Motorcycle crash. Then topped it off with a new addition to the family.

This sums up my 2017. Baby and the Motorcycle (including the damage from the crash).

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Merry Christmas: Motorcycles and Babies

Merry Christmas! I’m celebrating with Family and I hope you all are too.

Just a little update since it’s been way too long since I’ve posted anything. I’m still riding the Hyperstrada , in fact I just had two new tires put on it last week and had it’s first Desmo Service done since it’s got 19,000 miles on it now.

Soon, too soon however I’ll be having to drive the car more. The Blueberry of Doom will need a ride to Day Care, and despite my best efforts I can’t figure out a way to do that with the motorcycle. Well not one that a sane person would seriously consider. Which means my days of riding are coming to a big slow down. Probably for the next several years.

Which is a bit of a sad thought on such a joyous day.

It’s a good thing my beautiful little girl is worth it. Even though I’ll will really miss the motorcycling.

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Winter Solstice: I’m riding my motorcycle in the cold

Every year, with out fail since I started riding I’ve celebrated the Winter Solstice. Not because I’m especially in touch with nature, or any old primal religion, but because from here on out the days will start getting longer, and that makes me happy.

Riding in the dark and cold sucks, and I can’t wait to be warmer and enjoying this more. Being cold doesn’t suck enough for me to stop riding, it just makes it less fun sometimes. If at anytime I start to think it would be nicer in a warm car, all I need to do is drive in one for a little while to be reminded that no, it really isn’t that nice. Sure it’s warm, but it’s also boring… so very boring. I like feeling alive, and if it takes freezing my ass off riding to work in 35 degree weather so be it.

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One Year Ago: Ducati Hyperstrada

One year ago today I flew down to Los Angeles and bought a new Motorcycle. It was an amazing day.

In this past year I’ve put almost 18,000 miles on the Hyperstrada. It’s an amazing motorcycle and I’m really glad I timed the purchase of it correctly. Since I’m pretty sure with a new baby it will be hard to find money to buy another new motorcycle anytime soon.

This was one of the highlights of the year for sure.

I’m hoping to find time to talk about the good and the bad with the Hyperstrada now that I’ve had it for a year. I think I’ll wait until I do the 18,000 mile service. Paying for that I’m sure will make sure my head isn’t in the clouds.

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Now I’m Ready (for the Baby)

I’ve finally figured out how I’m going to survive the life changing  event of having my first child.

I’ll just take her everywhere I go on the Motorcycle.

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