Motorcycling When Tired: Still Healing

I’ve been riding to work now for two weeks after the surgery. Overall it’s been good, but I’m clearly still not 100%. I think the biggest indications of this is how tired I am in the afternoons. This tiredness I feel has affected my riding and it has made the ride home sometimes less than ideal.

Of course it’s also affecting my life in other ways, one of them is of course finding the energy to write this blog.

That however is not the point of this blog. Not writing a blog doesn’t endanger my life (I hope). Riding when groggy and tired might. I’ve been riding long enough that I’ve ridden tired a fair number of times. It’s obviously not the best idea. Not only is it hard to enjoy riding a motorcycle when tired, it is hard to do it well. When tired my mind wanders easily and it’s hard keep focused on the road. Being tired also tends to slow my reactions to things. Of course if it was really bad I would find another way to get home and it never got to the point where I was worried about my ability. It was enough though to suck the fun from the ride a few times. Making my commute a half hour slog to get home.

I am getting better, overall I feel better nearly every day. I just wish my stamina would get back up to speed.

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Spring Ride 2016: Pictures

No good excuses for not getting anything written lately. Just not making the time to make it happen. However, there are lots of good pictures (and lots of just silly ones) that should be shared from the Spring Trip. Hope to get some actual words up on the blog later this week, until then I’m relying on the pictures to tell the story.

Last minute adjustments.


The Coast was so beautiful, sunny and green.



The finest food and lodging we could find in Eureka =)





Klamath River, and Highway 96, a magic combination.

Klamath River, and Highway 96, a magic combination.


What’s this Mt. Shasta you keep talking about? I don’t see it.


Highway 36, such a fun piece of road, something for everyone.

Highway 36, such a fun piece of road, something for everyone.

Some amazing vistas, but mostly good times with good friends.


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Commuting to Work on a Motorcycle: Again

On Monday, two and a half weeks after having my hardware removed from my lower left tibia I started riding my motorcycle to work again.

It was a little anticlimactic, and honestly on Monday, a little less than I hoped it would be. I was expecting sunshine and tears of joy, instead I just got to work safely and parked much closer than I would have if I drove the car.

Tuesday was when the overwhelming sense of joy I typically have when riding a motorcycle hit me. The feeling of freedom, and wonder I often get when on two wheels. In hindsight I suspect that I was just too nervous on Monday to enjoy it, plus it was a bit chilly which can often be a dampener on riding.

The leg seems to be holding up pretty well, there is still pain, but I’m trying to manage that and now worry about it too much. It still is only three weeks ago that I was sliced open and had a lot of metal taken out of my leg.

Yes that is my cane hanging from my handle bars.

The little band-aid at the end is from my two year old niece, she thought I needed one more for my boo boo. The steri strips are slowly falling off. There is definitely going to be a big scar there when I’m done.




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Fancy New Helmet: Sort of

Shortly after getting back from the spring trip I was back on the internet shopping for motorcycle to motorcycle communication. It was the biggest frustration for the trip and I’ve been wanting some for a while so we were looking into it.

What I found was a great deal on a close out color for an Arai Signet Q, the helmet I’ve been debating on getting for months. My helmet was over 5 years old and worn nearly everyday in those last 5. Definitely past it’s prime and debatably past it’s time of being safe.

It was like Christmas came early!

I do feel a bit like Darth Vader with it on.

So despite my dislike of the color black I took advantage of the big savings and ordered a new helmet for myself.

I’m really happy with it so far. The fit is nice and snug, and it came with a pinlock visor, which is great since with all the rain we had last winter I really was struggling with how much my visor was fogging up.

Now I’m looking for something cool to put on the back of it so I’m not a black blob on the freeway.

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Spring Ride 2016: Part I

Expectations are tricky things, they help prepare you for what you are about to undertake and yet if they are unrealistic they can lead to disappointment. Which is sad when you end up disappointed in something that was actually pretty amazing.

This was the problem I created with the Spring Trip.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the trip in the last month. After the fact and remembering how I felt for most of the trip while I was on the road it was a great trip. I had tons of fun and with a few modifications can’t wait to do it again.

We grouped up at sunrise on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The First day we rode up the California Coast on Highway One. While maybe not the most beautiful part of Highway one, it certainly makes it’s claim to being such. The weather couldn’t be better, it was a rare sunny day on the northern coast, the typical fog that comes in so often in the summer was absent and it hovered in the high 60’s and low 70 degrees Fahrenheit until we headed inland to the avenue of the Giants.

The guys got sick of the picture taking and were ready to go!

It did warm up a bit once we turned inland but luckily it did not get too hot since we were mostly in amongst the trees.

Soon after we finished the Avenue of the Giants we reached Eureka, where we found a cheap but well located hotel where we would spend the next two nights.

We had a good evening, first getting oysters and trying local wine and then eating dinner the night passing quickly fueled with good conversation between friends who don’t get to see each other often enough.

The next morning we got up early to head East on 299 to Weaverville to have breakfast with another friend who was up riding in the area with a local he knew. We had a good breakfast, the key part being what I latter would call the go faster hash browns.

299 had a lot of construction. The winter storms were rough. We spent a lot of time waiting.

Taking advantage of expert knowledge of our new companion we headed down Highway 3 to Hayfork and then doubled back to a little back road to Wildwood on Highway 136. There we parted ways with our new guide and headed back West toward Eureka.

We took a brief break for milkshakes in down town Mad River (another good suggestion from our local guide). We then continued on and due to some confusion, my brother ended up leading for a while. It was then that I realized how much better he had become. His speed all day seemed better, but the subjective testing of how long I seemed to be waiting for him wasn’t to be trusted. However when following him for almost an hour I realized that he really was riding with more confidence. His speed in corners was good and I was impressed by his control of the motorcycle. Hence the go faster hash browns, he ate all of his for breakfast while I ate barely any of mine. Since it was the only note worthy thing he ate differently than I did all day I decided they must be the cause.

Mad River

Mad River, a good place for milkshakes out of a trailer.

We finished the ride by meeting up with the last of the four of us who had to join us a day late at the hotel. We then had a repeat of the night before. Local oysters, wine and a good dinner with my good friends.

The next two days would be just as fun and I’ll share them with you soon.

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Getting Better? Or Going Insane?

I must be getting better since I’m really beginning to go crazy about not being able to ride.

I thought the desire to ride was bad a week ago…

It started over the weekend. The weather has been pretty nice and I went down into the garage to get something and there she was looking so pretty and so very lonely. Luckily my head was on right and I simply got what I went down there for and headed back upstairs.

Monday was worse though. The drive home was pure torture. The sun is shining and since my leg isn’t a constant ache anymore I really would rather have been on the motorcycle than in the car. The only thing that made it even remotely tolerable was the fact that I was pretty tired from working all day.

Luckily I’m going away for a few days soon removing me from the temptation of riding. I find out tomorrow when the motorcycle and I will be reunited, but I have a good feeling about things!

This is how I spend most of my time lately. Sitting with the leg elevated. Boring!

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Leg is Doing its Thing

I’m super glad this recovery is going quickly, because it’s a giant pain in the ass. Or leg to be more accurate.

I shouldn’t be surprised at how much having your leg sliced open and a bunch of metal removed takes out of you. My energy levels this week have been much lower than normal, I tire quickly and if I push myself I pay for it the next day.

That's a lot of staples... It's also a VERY long scar.

That’s a lot of staples… It’s also a VERY long scar.

The leg is improving though, every day I have more movement and I have to constantly remind myself to not push too much. I get the staples out next week, and I’ll find out then when I can get back on the motorcycle. I’m hoping the week after that I’ll be back on two wheels.

I may have already tried to get out on the bike. Only to be stopped by the extremely good sense of my wife =)

What?!? (This was of course staged. It was the day after the surgery, getting that one boot on was very hard)

(This was of course staged. It was the day after the surgery, getting that one boot on was very hard) The things I do for a laugh…

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