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Motorcycling When Tired: Still Healing

I’ve been riding to work now for two weeks after the surgery. Overall it’s been good, but I’m clearly still not 100%. I think the biggest indications of this is how tired I am in the afternoons. This tiredness I … Continue reading

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New Rider: You Must Be Getting Better

We don’t ride together every morning any more. Mainly because I have to get to work so much earlier than he does that it’s hard for him to get out of the house on time, which in his defense is … Continue reading

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Getting My Brother Up to Speed

Well my brother is out there zipping around on his motorcycle. I thought I rode a lot… my brother is putting my mile count to shame. He’s already got 3000 miles under his belt and only had the bike for … Continue reading

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MotoCynic Confession: I like riding alone

Now that my brother is riding I have more people to ride with than ever before. In fact nearly all my close friends ride. Bad time to realize that I really enjoy riding alone… Not that it is really a … Continue reading

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I grew up wanting to do something that involved a helmet

Helmets are awesome, not only do they protect your head from damage, but they look cool too! I’ve always thought this so when I started riding there was no question in my mind about wearing a helmet and I had … Continue reading

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Worst Thing About Riding to Work: It’s hard to stop when you get there…

I just wanted to keep going. The weather has been really too good for February. It was in the mid 70’s on the ride home today, and not even that chilly in the early morning, perfect riding weather basically, and … Continue reading

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That Pot Hole Almost Made Me Crash Again!!!

You would think I would be keeping an eye out for that pot hole that damaged my tire badly and nearly caused me to crash. The last thing you want to do on a motorcycle is not avoid a known … Continue reading

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