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On the Road: Spring Trip 2017

We left this morning heading into what looks like a lot of rain. I’ll keep you posted on our progress on Instagram.

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The Best Advice For Riding a Motorcycle

Originally posted on Motorcycles and the Cynic:
When I first started riding my motorcycle I ended up hanging out with a bunch of really cool people I met on the Ducati Monster Forums. I went on a few group rides…

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The Hyperstrada in Photos 

With the Holidays I haven’t had a chance to finish the posts I’ve been working on. However I did want to share some of the awesomeness that is the new motorcycle.  ​​

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Summer is Over

I’m calling it now, summer is over. This has nothing to do with kids going back to school or a changing of the leaves. I had to put the clear visor on to go to work since it’s dark out … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Projects: FrankenMonster

I’ve been bad about getting to a couple of projects on the FrankenMonster. The longest running one is putting a new front fender on.  Which I did finally get to a few weeks ago.  The others consist of replacing my … Continue reading

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My Birthday Ride

Just some pictures from today’s ride. 

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This is a Big Deal: 10 Years Ago Today

This is it, the big day! Today is the 10 year anniversary of me passing my MSF class. While I already had my bike and I actually wouldn’t get my license for a another few weeks or so, this is … Continue reading

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