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How I Rode 100,000 Miles on a Ducati Monster

Looking back it’s crazy. 100k on a naked motorcycle? Who does that and how? The who in this case is easy, I did it. The how is maybe a bit more complicated. It breaks down into two parts, how I … Continue reading

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Trying to Make Everyone Happy

I’m still planning my spring motorcycle trip, and it’s harder than it has been ever before. The planning is so hard because I’m trying to make the trip work with so many different types of riders. I have really experienced … Continue reading

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How To Plan A Motorcycle Trip: My Spring Ride is coming up!

When it comes to Motorcycle Trip Planning I’ve got a system that works for me. I’ve planed several dozen trips, and most of them have gone pretty good. I like to think that what makes them go wrong isn’t the planning. … Continue reading

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