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New Aerostich Suit

I got an unexpected package in the mail last Thursday, my new Aerostich R3 motorcycle suit came. It’s been ages, since I ordered it, but with the all the craziness in my life it’s mostly my fault for taking so … Continue reading

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Time for a New Roadcrafter

I got my aerostich early 2008, since then I’ve ridden easily over 100,000 miles in it. I have other gear, I almost never wear it. The Roadcrafter is just too easy to wear and is generally more comfortable than other … Continue reading

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Getting Ready For the Spring Trip: Using My Blog

I’ve been working all week at getting ready for the Spring Trip. Every evening something needs to be done. Even if it’s just laundry so I have enough clean socks. It’s time like these that I’m glad I write things … Continue reading

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New Boots: Breaking them in

I got some new motorcycling boots for Christmas. My amazing Wife got me the Forma Adventure Boots. I’m pretty excited about them. This is the first pair of mor enduro type boots I’ve ever worn/used. I’m of mixed feelings about … Continue reading

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Top Cases: Underrated Awesome

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on my suggestions for things I was thinking about for modifying a new motorcycle. One of them was to add a top case which in my opinion is the best thing you … Continue reading

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My Gear is Worth A Lot More Than My Motorcycle

One of the things I like about my insurance company is that they include my protective gear in the case of a crash. I was talking to a co-worker about this today and telling him to make sure that he … Continue reading

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Phone Calls While Riding A Motorcycle: Not sure it should be a thing…

In the wake of the Spring Trip and all of the minor problems we had during it I decided that I finally wanted to get headset communication in my helmet. We’ve been looking at them for a while so when it … Continue reading

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