Spring Trip 2017: The Southern Half

If you ever want to know why I love living where I do it’s not just the mild weather, it’s because there are so many fantastic roads nearby. Which was a blessing when we were chased home by rain in the middle of the Spring Trip.

Home safe and sound on Wednesday night I had no idea what the rest of the week was going to hold. I just was glad to be warm and dry. I should have been planning a ride or something, but I was pretty planned out, and the motivation wasn’t there. Luckily I got help from an unexpected quarter. One of my friend’s brother inlaw lives in the Bay Area and rides, when he heard we were back early he asked if we wanted to ride on Thursday. I was a little worried about the weather still since there was still some rain in the forecast, but he assured us he could map us around it. Lacking the energy to come up with an idea of mine I happily agreed to go wherever he wanted to.

So it was with this plan that we left the house at a reasonable hour of nine in the morning. It was a damp slog down to the intersection of Skyline and Highway 9, but despite this I was in high spirits. I had a heated vest and as long as it didn’t get really wet I should have a good day. It didn’t and I did.

We traveled down so many backroads that I had no idea where we were until just a few miles from Morgan Hill where we stopped for lunch. It was lovely, and mostly dry. Some adventurous bits of roads being closed except for us, and invisible gravel that almost caught out a couple of us. The pace was good but conservative (for most of it) and the ride home on dry roads was amazing. So green and beautiful as we zipped through the foothills.

We didn’t go that far, but we spent most of the day on the motorcycles, which means it was an amazing day.

Friday we took a break, despite the weather being amazing I needed to sleep in and have a relaxing day. We all went our separate ways, I ran some errands and went to a movie with my wife.

Sometime Friday fate intervened again, with my friend who had to back out at the last minute getting some free time on Saturday to hang out. He had six hours free, and lives in San Jose. I quickly figured us a Mt. Hamilton ride that would get him home in time.

With this planned we were in San Jose at 10AM heading up Mt. Hamilton.

Mt. Hamilton Road is an interesting road. It should be amazing, it’s a twisty crazy thing that goes on forever. However, it tends to be gravel covered, and plagued by slow drivers and bicyclists. While this might normally be the case, and for some sections it was, overall it was the best condition I’ve seen it in. Which given how much rain we’ve had is amazing.

We went up to the Observatory, and then back down the backside of the mountain and into Livermore for lunch. Mines Road was it’s usual combination of gravel and water crossings, but still beautiful and fun. The worst thing we had to deal with was a new rider who just wouldn’t let us past. I can’t believe his friends let him ride Mt. Hamilton Road on what looked like his first time on a motorcycle ever. It was awful to watch.

Lunch took a while and so we just took Freeways back home, but another great ride with my friends, and a great way to finish the 2017 Spring Trip.

Next year though, next year we go south.



About MotoCynic

I started riding motorcycles in 2006, and there is no going back. I've ridden more than 100,000 miles, most of it on a Ducati Monster, and despite setbacks and murderous BMW's I'm loving every mile.
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