So This happened: Hyperstrada 939

I really was planning on waiting until February to get a new motorcycle. Really.

The wife and I had talked about it a lot, and waiting until after the holidays made sense, also by then we would have paid off the little bit of debt we had left from the house remodel.

With that in mind, I really did have no intention to buy anything when I was searching on the internet for prices on the Ducati Hyperstrada. The Hyperstrada was on my short list and I was curious what a 2015 model would cost. This turned out to be a bigger slippery slope than I intended. You see I found one listed for $9,999 new from a dealer which is $3,795 off of MSRP. I thought about it for several days and figured I should contact them and look into financing it since the closest I could get to that price was still $1,000 more. So I sent them an email I got a pretty generic (automated) reply saying they would like to go over the details on the phone. That was fine with me so I called.

This is roughly how the phone conversation went.

“Hi, I’m calling about the 2015 Hyperstrada you had listed for 10k.”

“Hi! Thanks for calling, we got your email about the Hyperstrada, and I checked online to see what bike we had up and noticed that we had a small problem. Looks like we sold that bike. However, I have a 2016 that we can work with you on.”

At this point I’m thinking not nice things about dealerships and shitty sales people pulling scams. Like advertising a bike that just happens to have “just” sold. However, he goes on.

“I talked to my manager and we’ll give you the same price on the 2016.”

I took a second to process this.

“So you’ll sell me the 2016 for the same price. 10k?”

“Yes, we’ll sell it to you before tax (and blah blah blah) for $9,999.”

I had to think for another second, I did want the 2015, but the 16 was nice as well. And selling the newer bike for 10k was even better deal since the MSRP on them is over $14k. The do have a larger engine which wasn’t my thing, but a newer model would mean better bluebook for insurance if the worst happened. However, it really left me with only one thing to say. “Um… ok.”

Not that I committed completely right then, I still had to run it past the wife and a do little due diligence of looking at other dealers. The rest is history, figuring out a loan, insurance and the rest of process that buying a bike is.

Of course then I was left with the small problem that the bike was nearly 500 miles away from me.


For the curious here’s a link to the specs of the Hyperstrada 939


About MotoCynic

I started riding motorcycles in 2006, and there is no going back. I've ridden more than 100,000 miles, most of it on a Ducati Monster, and despite setbacks and murderous BMW's I'm loving every mile.
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8 Responses to So This happened: Hyperstrada 939

  1. MotoADVR says:

    Awesome! Congrats! Looking forward to hearing about how it rides after about 2k miles.

  2. Ry Austin says:

    Spectacular! Christmas came early at your house. 🙂

  3. zed14 says:

    It’s great when things work out in your favour!. Great looking bike. Enjoy

  4. motoventures says:

    SCORE! Congratulations and wishing you many safe miles on that beautiful bike!

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