Another Sign that Spring is Here

There are a few things that always mean that spring as really arrived for motorcycling, one of the ones that I take an inordinate amount of pleasure from was checked off this week.

It’s strange the little things in life that give us pleasure.

What is this little thing that means spring is here?

My Helmet (which is new and will be getting it’s own post) and Visor with it’s protector.

It is now light enough when I leave the house at 6 AM that I don’t need to use a clear visor. Which means I don’t need to change visors everyday. Silly I know, but even with how easy it is on the Arai, it’s still a pain in the ass to get one out and put the other away. Plus it’s easier to keep just one clean, and with all the bugs that spring also brings that is a good thing.

Just a Note: I go in for surgery tomorrow morning, I really wanted to have a back log of posts to keep you entertained, but that did not happen. I’ll be writing about the Spring Trip as soon as I feel up to it. Hopefully very soon.


About MotoCynic

I started riding motorcycles in 2006, and there is no going back. I've ridden more than 100,000 miles, most of it on a Ducati Monster, and despite setbacks and murderous BMW's I'm loving every mile.
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4 Responses to Another Sign that Spring is Here

  1. MotoADVR says:

    I’m stuck in limbo between a budget helmet with internal sun visor which I love… or shelling out the cash for a premium helmet (Icon Variant) that I’ll have to fuss with shields… first world problems…

  2. John says:

    I never got the hang of the Arai visor, just switched to Bell, simple visor. Hope you’re back soon!

  3. zed14 says:

    I actually use the pro-shade on my Arai and find it is a pretty good, especially for commuting in winter. Saying that I do prefer the dark visor if I know I’m not riding after dark.

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