Off on the Spring Trip

If everything went to plan I’m of on a grand adventure with my friends.

I will try and update from the road at least once, but we’ll see. If your super curious you could always follow me on instagram. I will most likely be posting pictures from the trip on that as I go (and as I have internet).

As much as I’ve complained about the planning I do not shy away from it. I had a friend email me about the different routes I suggested for having him meet us. I ended up emailing him this:

I was actually thinking about this before your text this morning that you might want to think about other routes North. 101 is not horrible, but it is fairly borring. If you’re feeling like you have time you could take Hwy 1 north, or only parts of it.

Your Options:

  1. 101 north like we talked. About 5 hours and 280 miles from San Francisco to Arcata
  1. Hwy 1 north Basically what we’re doing on Wednesday It’s 8 hours and 320 miles long from SF to Arcata.

Suggested Stops:
Fort Bragg -Gas/Lunch
Garberville- Gas Break – Caffeine

  1. Combo! This route does a little of both, with more Hwy 1 (about 7 hours and 315 miles SF to Arcata)

Same stops as above, but you skip some of the coast close by and save yourself some time.

  1. Combo 2  More 101 route. Let’s you see the ocean for a bit, and lets you ride the best part of Hwy 1.

Make sure you get gas at 1165 S Cloverdale Blvd, Cloverdale, CA 95425 before heading off of 101, Break in Fort bragg and garberville as above.
Personally, I think I like option 3 the best. I think it’s the best blend. However, what you should do is stop here.

It’s a starbucks (I know I know) and see how you feel. If you’re feeling amazing do option 3, if your feeling moderately amazing do 4, if you think maybe you should save the energy for the rest of the trip go option 1. Only do option 2 if you’re feeling insane, I don’t think the roads you’ll miss are worth the extra time honestly.
If you have any thoughts or questions I’m happy to help!

Just proving to myself that I like to plan, just find it frustrating sometimes.



About MotoCynic

I started riding motorcycles in 2006, and there is no going back. I've ridden more than 100,000 miles, most of it on a Ducati Monster, and despite setbacks and murderous BMW's I'm loving every mile.
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3 Responses to Off on the Spring Trip

  1. We may be doing the PCH in September. Right now there some hurdles that we need to get over to make it happen… meanwhile I will ride along with y’all vicariously… 😉

  2. motoventures says:

    Just started following you and your peeps on Instagram! 🙂

    Have a safe and fun ride!

  3. Safe travels. I look forward to seeing some travel pics from time to time

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