Shure Headphone Update

I was replacing the foam sleeves on my Shure SE215 headphones the other day and was once again reminded of how much I like them. Just a little maintenance and they are nearly like new again. I probably should have changed the foamy things sooner since the (sorry this is gross) earwax had build up to a point that I couldn’t clean it easily and it was effecting the sound.

This is typically the way I find out that I need to clean them, I end up having to listen to my music at a higher volume than normal. When that happens I know it’s time. Each set of foam sleeves normally last a little over half a year. I can clean them a couple of times before they just need to be replaced.

Since I go through a couple of pairs of sleeves a year I can only imagine what the would cost me if I was buying new headphones instead. It is much easier to replace them!

I also need to look at replacing is the cord. Which thankfully is also a separate piece (thank you Shure). The wire that holds it behind your ear has poked through the rubber at one end, and occasionally pokes me, I can and have been pushing it back in for a few months, but it is getting to the point that after 3 years I think I can justify buying a new cord.

The top one is with the wire sticking out, the bottom after I pushed it in.

The top one is with the wire sticking out, the bottom after I pushed it in.

I’ve been using Shure headphones for over 8 years, I don’t imagine I’ll be switching anytime soon.


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