On the Road: Watch Out New Rider

This may seem like it’s happening faster than it really is. The post that published Tuesday was being written and worked on for weeks. I just had not gotten around to finishing it. I finally got around to finishing it and posting it since I wanted to get it out before we bought a bike … and I could not have cut it closer, since we bought a bike Tuesday evening.

We could have looked longer, but there is a time and place for just making a decision and buying a motorcycle with out belaboring it too much.

My brother is the proud owner of a 2006 SV650S. We got a good deal on it because of a salvaged title, but it is in good condition, it runs, has no damage to the frame, suspension, engine, or any other part that would effect the function of the bike. The damage it does have is pretty light and nearly all cosmetic or has been fixed. We’re pretty damn happy with it.

There we have it, my brother is out on the road on his motorcycle.

First Day on his motorcycle in the parking lot.

First Day on his motorcycle in the parking lot.

Well not right away, we spend an hour or so refreshing his skills in a parking lot, then he spent several more hours riding around the sleepy neighborhood my parents live in. Today we hope to get it above 55 MPH on the ride home and we’ll see about getting on the freeway by the end of the weekend.

I’m making as much time as I can to watch him and give pointers, but right now it is primarly about getting familiar with the controls of the motorcycle. I think once he gets 1000 miles under his tires we can start moving forward. As always though we are open to suggestions!

Trying to keep it rubber side down.



About MotoCynic

I started riding motorcycles in 2006, and there is no going back. I've ridden more than 100,000 miles, most of it on a Ducati Monster, and despite setbacks and murderous BMW's I'm loving every mile.
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4 Responses to On the Road: Watch Out New Rider

  1. vinnychoff says:

    I would say to take it easy try not to rush. Give plenty of time to stop and take control of the road. Stay in the middle of the lane. Own the lane. Look out for drivers who might pull out on you. Drive confidently and safe. The more miles and reading good books. keith Code from california school is excellent for learning how to handle a bike and corner. The rest is easy….

  2. Ry Austin says:

    I’ve got no advice–no doubt you know what you’re doing. All I have to say is congratulations to your brother and to you. Motorcycling is sure to enrich your brother’s life in countless ways (but you already know this). Awesome, awesome stuff…

  3. Coldyeti says:

    Now you have an awesome company!
    Have fun and ride safe! 🙂

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