The Road to Riding a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is one of best things I do in my life, I definitely still feel bad that I can’t help my brother get on a motorcycle and start riding faster. If there was anything I could do to help him make riding easier I would.

However, it’s not just the matter of getting your license and a motorcycle… I mean it is, but it’s just that it is sometimes not so easy to do those things.

My brother is in the middle of starting a new career as a teacher which means he just finished more school and is dealing with the fact that his income the last few years has been less than ideal. This of course makes it impossible to just throw down several thousand dollars on a “toy”.

The solution to this is to make it not a toy, but a functional vehicle, and use it as a primay source of transportion. This is less crazy than it seems, since here in Northern California (specifically the San Francisco Bay Area) it never snows and rarely gets anywhere near freezing. Of course lately it also rarely rains making things perfect for riding motorcycles…

I need to get this guy out and on the roads with me!

I need to get this guy out and on the roads with me!

My brother, learning how to ride around in circles.

My brother, learning how to ride around in circles.

The plan was to make the big switch this summer, sell his car and buy a motorcycle. This takes time though, it’s not like you can easily just sell your car in a day and start shopping for a motorcycle.

So we’re in this process and running out of time. School starts next week and we’re looking like crazy for something for him to commute to work on. Hopefully we’ll find it soon and get him practicing all weekend so he’s ready to go!

Update: His car sold over the weekend and we are looking at bikes this week! Wish us luck.



About MotoCynic

I started riding motorcycles in 2006, and there is no going back. I've ridden more than 100,000 miles, most of it on a Ducati Monster, and despite setbacks and murderous BMW's I'm loving every mile.
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3 Responses to The Road to Riding a Motorcycle

  1. Good luck – glad to hear you are teaching him!

  2. Ry Austin says:

    Congratulations on being a step closer to getting your bro on a bike of his own.

    My brother and I live pretty close to each other, but he’s very much the family man, spending most of his free time with his wife and children, which is totally how it should be–don’t get me wrong. Needless to say, I cherish every time we’re able to ride together; otherwise, I’m a lone rider.

    It is important to classify motorcycles as functional, utilitarian vehicles. So many folks, even many riders, seem to regard them just as toys or recreational vehicles. Motorcycles are all of that and so much more: functional, utilitarian vehicles; toys; lifelines; life preservers; psychologists; recreational drugs; vehicles to higher mysteries…

  3. coldyeti says:

    Happy to hear! 🙂

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