My Favorite Tires

I’ve put over 80,000 miles on my Ducati Monster 620 (er 695?) and there is no way to do that with out going through a few sets of tires. The mechanic I was going to when I first started riding immediately figured out that I was putting lots of miles on my bike and that I needed something with a longer life than your typical sport tire.

He put some Continental Sport Touring Tires on and those did ok, as a new rider the grip was fine since I wasn’t pushing much, and the longevity was better at 5 to 6k miles but still not enough since that was only a few months of riding. My mechanic at the time then suggested some Metzler sportec M3 which did even better getting me up to about 7500 miles (12,000Km). This is what I used until I eventually retired the Monster.

The BMW come with some Pirelli something or others, I had a few issues with them to start and eventually they broke loose when I was riding a bit stupid just after a heavy rain. I high-sided off the BMW and that was it for me and Pirelli (I don’t blame the tire for the crash, but I did not like them). By this time I had read a bit more about tires and decided some good dual compound sport touring tires are what I needed so I had some Michelin tires Pilot Roads put on. I fell in love with these and went through 2 and half pairs before the BMW decided we were done with eachother and tried to kill me.

When I came back to the FrankenMonster I was a sport touring tire convert and while the Michelins had not done me wrong I decided to try some bridgestones since at the time they were cheaper for a pair and I was scrounging money to get back on the bike after my accident.

I’ve been pretty happy with the BT 023’s and never really had any issue with them. However lately I’ve decided to try something new. I used to have problems with my rear sliding, but lately I’ve only had that problem in extremely wet or in the gravely bits. Now I’m having problems with the front holding. Also mainly in weird conditions, but I’ve found that I really like having near absolute faith in my front tire since if that slides big there is no saving it.

Bridgestone recently came out with a new sport touring tire the T30, I’ve got that on right now and so far so good. It’s lasted a while but is nearing the end. I’m probably going to replace it with another T30, but go with something sportier in the front for maximum grip.

As far as I can tell you get what you pay for and both Michelin and Bridgestone are big names in motorcycle tires. I’m pretty happy with both of their Sport Touring options.


About MotoCynic

I started riding motorcycles in 2006, and there is no going back. I've ridden more than 100,000 miles, most of it on a Ducati Monster, and despite setbacks and murderous BMW's I'm loving every mile.
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6 Responses to My Favorite Tires

  1. I ran Michelin PR2 and now PR3 on the bandit and find they are an excellent tyre for commuting, touring and a bit of twisty stuff. I got 25,000 km out of the PR2’s. See gow I go with the current set.

    Prior to that I ran Bridgie Battlax on my old bikes. They were good too, but I dont know what they are like nowadays though

  2. steve ford says:

    80,000 miles ? I’ve never heard of a Monster lasting that long ! What year is it ?

  3. Thus far I’ve been extremely impressed with the Metzeler tires on my bike (on my second set); how did your Metzeler tires compare to Michelin?

    • MotoCynic says:

      I would rank the tires Bridgestone > Michelin > all others. I’m on a pair of Dunlops now that my mechanic loves, I’ll let you know how those work out when I have more than 200 miles on them =)

      • I look forward to hearing about them. Thus far Dunlop cruiser tires have been the most disappointing tires I’ve seen. Obviously I’ve not experienced them first hand but I’ve watched my buddies burn up set after set while I keep cruising along on my metzelers.

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