Cool Stuff For My Garage (that I hope to have some day…)

I really had no idea how time consuming the whole process of looking for a house would be. With the market as insane as it is here I expected that we would have to put multiple offers in, but I really did not expect how exhausting it would be. Every week you find something you like only to be outbid or run out of time to put an offer in. I’ve been managing to keep up with the blog somewhat, but it’s been challenging to find the time and the energy to write.

In an effort to keep my spirits up I have been thinking about things I would want for my garage. I’m really trying not to get too excited about having a garage, I mean it’s not even a sure thing, and I have no idea how big (or small) it will be.

I have some big ideas though.

A garage like the one above is pretty awesome, lots of light and space. I know that isn’t going to happen I will be lucky to get something small and even happier if it turned out looking anything like this:

I doubt anything I own will be this tidy...

I doubt anything I own will be this tidy…

With how things have been going on the house shopping front it is very likely that I’ll have just a one car garage, which means only motorcycles in it. Even then I’ll have to be super careful with the space, because it will be used up quickly.

So to be efficent with the space I’m looking at getting some cool things. One is these motorcycle dollies. I think I might need a couple of them.

I will have 3 motorcycles and I think keeping the ones not being used every day out of the way  will be important. Though, I think I will get the ones that both wheels go on to, since it will make it much easier to push the bikes into a corner out of the way when not being used.

Depending on how big the garage is, and how steep the hill I’m on I’m worried that it might be hard to turn the motorcycle around everyday once I pull into the garage. The only solution to that? My very own giant lazy susan…

This one is made by for a shop in San Francisco.

This one is made by for a shop in San Francisco.

Ok, so that might be asking for too much, but I’m hoping for more of a “BatCave” feel than “Man Cave” and nothing says BatCave more than a giant lazy susan to turn around your ride.

I'm not sure I can make my motorbike fit under my garage when not in use though...

I’m not sure I can make my motorbike fit under my garage when not in use though…

I also want something cool to hold my gear. There are all sorts of helmet holders out there, I’m fixated on the Batman theme right now though and keep thinking I need a pressurized special wardrobe for it. I will probably be happy with a shelf and a hanger though.

Enough dreaming for now. We’ll hopefully find something soon.



About MotoCynic

I started riding motorcycles in 2006, and there is no going back. I've ridden more than 100,000 miles, most of it on a Ducati Monster, and despite setbacks and murderous BMW's I'm loving every mile.
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2 Responses to Cool Stuff For My Garage (that I hope to have some day…)

  1. bikermissus says:

    OMG…I’ve joked about building a lazy susan for the garage…had no idea that someone actually made one. That would be amazingly convenient! Good luck in your house hunting!

    • MotoCynic says:

      A turn table for a motorcycle is actually pretty common, they are just not cheap. We’ll see if I end up looking into it a lot more or not.
      Thanks for the well wishing on the hunt, it has been a bit crazy.

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