Brakes Aren’t Supposed to Break

I’m leaving tomorrow for Plan B and I’m pretty excited. Yesterday morning though… was a bit stressful.

I was backing my bike out to the street and I noticed that my brake light wasn’t turning off. I wiggled the front lever and it went out. To make sure it wasn’t sticking I pulled in the lever a couple of times. The light stuck on again. I wiggled the lever again, the light stayed on. I thought a bit, not really wanting to ride to work with the light stuck on, I have no idea if anyone notices my brake light, but it seemed a bad idea to ride with out it working. I gave the lever a real good squeeze thinking that might dislodge whatever was keeping the light on. Boy was I surprised when the lever came off in my hand.

Yep, me holding my brake lever staring at it in confusion.

“Crap.” I think to myself. “How am I going to get to work… I don’t want to drive!” Then I had another thought “Oh Super Crap (language might have been stronger this time) How am I going to ride down the coast and back in two days!”

This later thought sent my mind in a whirl of sorting through all of my options. I started sending texts to my Wife and my work. I needed to figure out how to fix my bike, I needed to get it to my mechanic, how was I going to move the bike, who did I know with a truck, and lots of other stuff.

I decided that I would have to ride the bike with out a rear brake to be able to get it to the shop since I did not know how else to get it there. I was going to wait until they opened, but then I realized that I would be better off riding there while traffic was light so the likelihood of getting into a situation where I needed a front brake would be much less.

With that decided I headed out to my mechanic. Making sure I had my Laptop and a book with me since I was going to be there about an hour before they opened.

The ride was fairly uneventful, I did have a stop sign that I was a little worried about stopping in time for. Other than that, I had no problems arriving at the shop easily. I was hopeful when I pulled up and saw the Managers bike outside. I rode past slowly and sure enough I saw him walking past a window. He did not see me and debated how to get his attention.

I parked the bike and grabbed the broken brake lever and headed to the front door. I really didn’t want to bug him, but thought if I waited patiently out front he might notice me. Sure enough he came out just as I was walking up.

I love the guys at Nichols and this is just many of the reasons why. He stopped whatever he was doing and jumped to help me out. Finding a brake lever for me and fixing it. We also replaced the switch which was acting up last week. All of this in practically no time. I was out of there and on my way to work in a flash. They saved my day and my trip, all in less than half an hour.

What a crazy morning. Hopefully getting all of the drama out of the way for this week, so I can just enjoy the trip.


It doesn't match. Not sure I care.

It doesn’t match. Not sure I care.




About MotoCynic

I started riding motorcycles in 2006, and there is no going back. I've ridden more than 100,000 miles, most of it on a Ducati Monster, and despite setbacks and murderous BMW's I'm loving every mile.
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