How I Replaced the 620 Engine in my Ducati Monster with a 695

With my recent post about my 620 engine I got a lot of questions about how I went about switching from the 620 to the 695. This was a longish process, and I’ll say from the beginning that I did not do any of the real work. I spent the money that’s what I did, and the good guys at Nichols Sport Bike did the work.

To recap, early in 2014 my clutch began to slip, I spoke to Nichols Sport Bike and was told the clutch would be about $500 to replace. I figured I would wait until it got worse (it was barely slipping) and maybe try and sync it up with my next 6,000 mile service.

I had casually spoken to them before about putting a different engine in the Monster, and the new bike bug was eating at me. I always get a little crazy about new motorcycles when the slightest thing is wrong with my bike. So I thought that maybe I should look at the 695 engines. They have slightly longer service intervals and make a bit more power (plus they are painted black and look cooler).  Sure enough there was one on Ebay for a good price with 1000 miles on it close enough to drive and pick up and not pay for shipping. I double checked with Nichols to make sure it would work and sent him the auction to get his thoughts. Apparently they had done business with this guy before and Nichols gave their thumbs up.

I got the engine the morning of the 4th of July and couldn’t wait to put it in. However, I did wait. I wanted to get every mile out of my current engine so I waited till it was at a service interval and then to get everything possible out of the clutch I let my brother ride it around a parking lot for hours since he had just gotten his M class license.

My brother, learning how to ride around in circles.

My brother, learning how to ride around in circles.

Eventually after one of my brothers practice sessions it died. (actually a fuse blew for the kickstand sensor, but we thought the clutch seized) I took it down to Nichols and they got started on getting the new engine in.

Things went pretty smoothly, they did discover a small crack in the mount that they needed to fix (and that they got the seller to help pay for) and then we got to the ECU. That ended up being a bit tricky, mainly because I had already reflashed the ECU when I got the new dash, and when they (DesmoPorche in Texas) did this they flashed it with a 620 Multistrada map. That had to be undone and then the map tweaked slightly to get the fueling right.

Then I was on the road on a 695!

For a glorious two weeks until my chain’s master link broke and put a hole in the new engine… but that’s another blog entry.

The new and very clean 695 engine.

The new and very clean 695 engine.


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I started riding motorcycles in 2006, and there is no going back. I've ridden more than 100,000 miles, most of it on a Ducati Monster, and despite setbacks and murderous BMW's I'm loving every mile.
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2 Responses to How I Replaced the 620 Engine in my Ducati Monster with a 695

  1. seantoors says:

    I get my fork seals replaced and new tires and I feel like my bike is just a money pit! But this is a awesome transition. Did you feel that much of a difference in the engines? More low end torque possibly? And damn it sucks to hear about your chain breaking and putting a whole into the engine two weeks later. Good luck and be safe!

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