So this sucks

Yesterday things were going pretty good. I took my brother to practice again on my bike and he was doing really well. Well enough that soon, we’re going to have to brave the streets so he get’s real experience.

However, on the way back home things went… wrong. I’m riding up the hill and my bike’s engine just dies. I was worried at first that I had somehow run it out of gas, since the light came on as my brother was practicing. I coasted to the side of the road and tried to start it and it started right away. I thought to myself “huh, weird, seems OK now…” so I put it in first and it dies again. Repeat this a couple of times. I’m guessing the sensor that knows when my kickstand is up is dead. Since it runs fine in neutral, and dies immediately when I put it in any gear. I tried to wiggle the right things and get it going again, but no luck. I can’t exactly see what might be the switch or whatever lets the bike know the stand is up, it is a mess down there, been since never when it was last cleaned.

With nothing else to do I rolled it down the hill and parked it. Today I’ll figure out towing the bike to my mechanic and since it will be there I’ll have them put the 695 engine in.



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I started riding motorcycles in 2006, and there is no going back. I've ridden more than 100,000 miles, most of it on a Ducati Monster, and despite setbacks and murderous BMW's I'm loving every mile.
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9 Responses to So this sucks

  1. MIE says:

    you already posted your thoughts on having a new bike,but it seems to me that you don t want to leave this one.
    maybe you should trade it, otherwise you ll build a new motorcycle by changing pieces every now and then.
    Anyway it seems like a tall bike; your brother is struggling to reach the ground.

    • MotoCynic says:

      I’d love to get a new bike, just don’t have the cash to get one. Well.. I guess I just don’t have enough cash to get something I want.
      I’ve already committed to another 2 years or so on the monster when I purchased the 695 engine. At this point it’s too late to change my mind now.

      It’s not that tall, he’s actually just starting to move in the picture, so he’s lifting his feet off the ground. We can both flat foot the bike.

  2. Just a thought.. on my bandit there are two switches one at the gear selector the other on the clutch… maybe its the clutch lever switch that is the problem.


  3. bikermissus says:

    I was riding my Vstrom on a gravel road one day last year when a rock flicked up and sliced the wire on my side stand switch. Instantly killed the engine. Can you see any wires going to your side stand? If you can figure out what wire it is, just cut it and join the positive and negative together, it’ll bypass the switch.

  4. Good luck figuring it out!

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