Non Essential Gear: Shure 215 SE Headphones

A few weeks ago I wrote about all of my everyday gear. Most of it is pretty obvious, Helmets, boots and the like. However there is one thing that I use every day on the motorcycle that deserves a post of its own. Many might frown on this, and I say non essential… but I lie, I’m a sad sad person without my Shure 215 SE headphones.

Just one of my favorite things.

Just one of my favorite things.

I use my Shure headphones nearly every time I’m on the bike. What can I say I hate wind noise and I like music. These headphones mean I can enjoy the latter with out too much of the former. They do a good job of cutting out all the wind noise, while letting me listen to music at a normal volume.

What I like about them:

They come with a full set of six different pairs of types (and sizes) of ear plugs, which makes them fairly customizable. This means you can generally get a good fit which makes the headphones comfortable for long periods of time. I wore them on my Portland trip for over eight hours a day and only at the end of the 4 days of riding were my ears getting a bit annoyed with them.

This along with the fact that they fit under my helmet pretty easily makes them a great thing.

They have good durability, I’ve been using them at least five days a week for the past couple of years and they are still going strong. You will need to replace the foam earplug bits from time to time (every six months) because they get cruddy and don’t seal in your ear as well after a while.

What I don’t like about them:

I’m finding it difficult to actually come up with some bad.

There are consequences to wearing them, I can’t hear somethings as well. Sirens and horns I can hear, people talking to me… not so much. That really loud Harley, I can kinda make that out, but your nice quiet Honda, I might have to make sure you’re ready to ride off with me since I can’t tell if your bike is on.


You have to wear something to protect your hearing, riding on a motorcycle is noisy. If you like listening to music then these are fantastic way to do both. I find them to be a great way to keep myself going after a long day at work, or a long day on the road.

They aren’t that cheap, but of course I think they are worth the money.

Here are some more recent thoughts on them.


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I started riding motorcycles in 2006, and there is no going back. I've ridden more than 100,000 miles, most of it on a Ducati Monster, and despite setbacks and murderous BMW's I'm loving every mile.
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12 Responses to Non Essential Gear: Shure 215 SE Headphones

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  2. Island Rider says:

    Right on! I have similar SHURE’s. I wear a half bucket and sometimes go without, state permitted of course. I have medium baffled pipes on the Harley and I can barely make out the sound. Believe it or not the Harley is harder on the ears with a full helmet as the low frequencies reverberate much more. These plugs kill all the noise! Like you say when people talk, I can’t hear a thing haha. I usually rock half volume on the iPhone and it works great. If I’m in the zone I’ll turn it up 3/4. Either way there’s pretty much silence. On the outside.

  3. Peter N says:

    Do they have volume and track controls on the cord?

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