MotoCynic’s Moto Camping Packing List

I’ve only been camping on a motorcycle a half dozen or so times, but every time I’ve refined what I bring. This list is what I bring in addition to my Touring Packing List when I’m camping.

Motorcycle Camping Packing List

Tent: I have a Eureka Midori 2 (I like it, but only have used it twice)
Ground Cloth
Sleeping Bag (I use a ten year old Slumberjack) Smashed into a compression sack.
Sleeping Pad (My old Therm-a-Rest)
Pillow (small camping one)

Firestarter things
Hatchet? Needed kindling bad.

Flashlight -extra batteries (I really liked the head lamp)

Hand Towel (and a bigger towel?)
Toilet Paper
Baby Wipes

Snacks (chocolate, energy bars, fruit leather)
Breakfast foods/snacks

Emergency Cooking Supplies
I generally don’t cook when motorcycle camping, it’s not because I can’t, it is just too hard to fit everything that you need to do it properly on a motorcycle. However, with just a few items you can cook on an open fire quite easily, once we made do with nearly nothing when we got caught out with only a grocery store as a place to eat. If I had the following with me I would have not had to buy as much stuff to make dinner and they are relatively compact and won’t take up too much space.

  • Can Opener (or a knife that has one)
  • Foil (you can just buy this, but you could just bring 2-4 ft.)
  • Fork/spatula or utensils (something small just to help a bit with cooking and eating)
  • Bottle opener (for the wine that makes every meal better)
  • Knife (one with a decent sized blade for cooking chores)
  • Small Salt and Pepper
Bike was Full

A short break along Hwy 1

About MotoCynic

I started riding motorcycles in 2006, and there is no going back. I'm closing in on 100,000 miles and despite setbacks and murderous BMW's I'm loving every mile.
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12 Responses to MotoCynic’s Moto Camping Packing List

  1. Great stuff, our trips involve B&B’s and hotels these days !

  2. mie says:

    great blog!

  3. Interested to know the brand/model tent and sleeping bag you use as most of the ones I have come across or large and heavy

  4. Island Rider says:

    Very cool! Have you ever used any dehydrated food packs? They worked great for me. Light in weight and all you need is 350ml of boiling water.

    • Cynic13th says:

      I don’t own any backpacking stoves anymore so getting that boiling water is… very hard =) Even if I did, a stove and fuel still take up space I don’t really have with my current luggage.

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