Portland Trip 2014: Day Four

There is no Day Three…  But you should read Day One and Day Two before reading this.

After a ok ride to the Oregon Coast I took a breakfast break at a Vista point.

After a ok ride to the Oregon Coast I took a breakfast break at a Vista point.

I was up before dawn Sunday Morning and did my best to sneak out without waking anyone. I was very excited to be back out on the motorcycle since the trip had been great so far. I probably wouldn’t have been excited if I knew how trying the day would actually be.
I keep hearing how amazing the Oregon Coast is, I have yet to see this though. Hoping to see what everyone is talking about I headed west from Portland. The plan was to do a little of the coast before cutting back across the state and down to Klamath Falls.
My trip out to the coast was quite cold, though the road wasn’t terrible it wasn’t enough to inspire me to be able to ignore my freezing fingertips. In addition to freezing my way out to Highway 101, the bit I chose to ride south was just slightly inland from the coast and I saw very little of the ocean. Disappointed from the lack of ocean views and no beautiful coast line I turned east and rode inland on Highway 20. While it was warmer, the road was still pretty mundane.
About an hour after noon I arrived in Bend, Oregon. As I hunted for a likely place for lunch and caffeine I contemplated the lack of great road so far with a bit of dismay since I knew my afternoon would be very dreary. There was nothing left to ride for the afternoon that was going to have any turns as I planned to make up for my lack of southern progress so far in a mile crunching blast down 97.
Highway 97 heading south from Bend is a straight line for hundreds of miles, with nothing to do but ride as fast as you can without attracting attention from State Troopers. I was already tired from a long day of riding. I was left with nothing to distract me, I’ve never been so out of my mind with boredom and ennui on a Motorcycle than I was as I rode south to Klamath falls. After such a lackluster morning ride the slog down 97 was soul crushing.

I arrived in Klamath wishing that I was home and a bit at a loss of where to eat before trying to find the campground that I would be staying at. Thankfully a phone call to my wife restored my spirits giving me the energy to keep going. I set about finding dinner and once again getting some wine for what would hopefully be a relaxing night camping. Both of these took longer than I hoped and I ended up racing the sun trying to get to my campground before it set. I almost beat it, but the sun was setting as I found the little one lane back road leading to the campground. Luckily I found the campground and had just enough light to pitch my tent before all the light faded from the sky.

There was no campfire that night or an attempt at one. I chatted with my wife a bit then I climbed into my tent. I got comfortable, sipped wine, and read a book until the strain of staying awake was too much and I passed out. It had been a rough day of riding, but I was looking forward to another day on the motorcycle.

I stopped to take this even though I was worried about setting up my tent in the dark. I like how it turned out... so it was worth it.

I stopped to take this even though I was worried about setting up my tent in the dark. I like how it turned out… so it was worth it.

Day Five the final day can be read here. If you’re looking for other information about the trip try here.


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