My Daily Gear

Every morning before I get on the motorcycle I put on over 20 lbs of gear. Some of it is to keep myself from freezing, but most of it is there to protect me should the worst happen (again).
I have no idea if you’re actually curious about what I wear, but I figured I would share with you regardless. The fact that my Aerostich is six years old this month might have something to do with me thinking about it. Most of the rest of the gear is 3 years old, having been replaced after the BMW crash.

Full Face Arai Profile Helmet & Sidi Gortex Boots: I like both of these items. I’ll be honest though I went with the Arai because they did such a great job at the motorcycle show finding a helmet that fit me. It’s getting a bit old, but good helmets that fit me are expensive. The boots are great for riding, though I hate walking around in them much. I wish I could fine a boot that was more comfortable to walk in and ride in. They are waterproof, which if you’ve ever had wet feet you know how important that is.

My Boots and Lid

My Boots and Lid

Schampa Head thing  and neck warmer: I hate washing my helmet liner, it’s a huge pain. I also dislike being cold in the mornings. Solution? I wear these. Keep me warm and much easier to wash often.

Got to stay warm in the mornings!

Got to stay warm in the mornings!

Aerostich wind blocker: I had a really hard time staying warm in the cold mornings when I first got my Aerostich. The Gore-Tex really does breathe, which means the cold air goes right through it. This helps quite a bit with out being too bulky.

Keeps me warmer.

Keeps me warmer.

Aerostich Kanestu Air Vantage Heated Vest: This thing is AMAZING. It’s my favorite piece of gear ever. It’s so versatile and keeps me warm even though I almost never turn it on. (or can’t since something is wrong with my connector cord.

LOVE this vest!

LOVE this vest!

Dianese Wave back protector: I’m not that fond of this back protector in particular, since the “Velcro” died after 3 months of daily use. thankfully my Wife kicks ass and we’ve fixed it putting better heavier duty “Velcro” in. Now it’s six years old and survied more crashes than any of my other gear. I probably should get a new one… but I’m saving my money for other things.

They didn't have a red one... so I went with Orange.

They didn’t have a red one… so I went with Orange.

Racer Multitop Gloves: I love these Racer makes great gloves and this is the second pair I’ve owned. My Lovely Wife has a pair and also thinks they’re great. They are good 2.5 season gloves. Great in the Fall and Spring, cold summer mornings and warm winter afternoons. They get a bit warm/cold in the extremes but I always have them with me just in case.

My Three sets of Gloves, I always end up with 2 pairs with me, since I never know what the weather will do.

My Three sets of Gloves, I always end up with 2 pairs with me, since I never know what the weather will do.

Aerostich Roadcrafter: I’ve talked about this suit a lot. I like it quite a bit though I’m not very happy with there hip pads. They’re super huge and make it fit strangely. Overall though it has been one of the best pieces of gear I have, and survived one minor crash

My Space Suit.

My Space Suit.

If you made it this far you’re probably crazy enough to wear something like this too. Post up in the comments what you wear or if all of this seems a bit excessive.


About MotoCynic

I started riding motorcycles in 2006, and there is no going back. I've ridden more than 100,000 miles, most of it on a Ducati Monster, and despite setbacks and murderous BMW's I'm loving every mile.
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9 Responses to My Daily Gear

  1. I figure we should ride with what makes us comfortable. I hate being cold and my feet have some circulation issues so I normally look like an Eskimo when I ride when its cool.. When its warm I go with a riding jacket, leather gloves and Kevlar fabric pants. I am looking for a good full face helmet. We’ll see what fits the best.

  2. PUPA says:

    It’s good that you wear everything to protect yourself, i.e. to do everything what depends on us, as riders. I do the same, even when it’s +30 C.
    Only one little thing – I never put my helmet on the floor. It’s like a symbol of taking care of my own head (mind, me) too.

  3. I never ride without full gear – good for you for keeping safety first!!!

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