Stranger Things Have Happened (Just not lately)

This may sound strange but bear with me.

I believe I have been in a alternate reality the last few weeks. It took me a while but, I’ve somehow shifted dimensions and am just now realizing it.

It’s the most logical explanation of what’s happening right now.

Some Background:            I have friends who don’t ride, but I have one very close friend that doesn’t ride and over the years his opinion of my riding has been made clear. He doesn’t like it, he thinks it is dangerous and would rather that I didn’t. He made this clear and we have agreed to disagree and have stayed close friends.

Here’s where it gets weird.

About a month ago he tells me he’s going to be taking the MSF class with his wife. To say that I’m surprised would be a vast understatement. I did not realize it then, but now this was clearly the first sign that I had sometime earlier that day shifted Dimensions. (I should have been more worried when I rode through that glowing portal thing apparently)

Ever since that day I have been happily answering all sorts of questions about motorcycles, motorcycling gear, riding techniques and a host of other moto related topics. I was so in my element that I did not quite see it for what it was. This is because I love talking about motorcycles (something you shouldn’t be surprised about since you’re reading my blog about motorcycles). It’s basically one of my favoritest (not a word) things to do.

Hence, my conclusion that I’ve been transported to an alternate reality… Or, that some truths that we hold to be true aren’t always, and that people change.


About MotoCynic

I started riding motorcycles in 2006, and there is no going back. I've ridden more than 100,000 miles, most of it on a Ducati Monster, and despite setbacks and murderous BMW's I'm loving every mile.
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