Why You Really Don’t Want to Ride a Motorcycle

Motorcycling is something you don’t want to do.

I know this seems like an odd thing for me to say. However, despite the fact that I live and breathe motorcycles doesn’t mean it’s for you. Why is it not for you? Because most of motorcycling sucks.

It’s Cold: Riding at night, or really anytime it’s cooler than 70 degrees means you’ll freeze on your bike unless you bundle up. Moving along in the open air with all that amazing sense of freedom means you’re exposed to all that cold air that is removing all that warmth from your body. It’s very hard to keep warm on a bike without spending a lot of money on many layers, wind proof clothing or heated gear.

It’s Hot: I know I just said you’d be cold, but it’s Hot too. You’ll die at stoplights bundled up for the cold that comes when you are moving in the cooler months. In the summer months you’ll just suffocate in the heat for the entire ride because no amount of wind chill helps when it’s over 85.

What this means is that really your only going to be kind of comfortable when it’s in the 70’s. Even then you’ll ride into the shade for a bit and freeze or into the sun and start sweating like crazy.

It’s Slow: If you want to ride a motorcycle to go fast you’re in for a big disappointment. You’ll wake up at the same time to go to work and show up 10 minutes later. Why? because it took you that long to get all that protective gear on.  (Or you could be an idiot and not wear it… )

It’s Fast: Everything matters on a motorcycle. Every flicker of brake lights, every turn signal, move of head by every driver on the road with you, every drifting in their lane, all of it matters, because it all could kill you. You’re small and fragile and it all happens very quickly.

It’s Not Cool: It really isn’t. Only people who ride motorcycles think it’s cool to ride motorcycles, everyone else thinks it’s dangerous and that you’re an idiot for doing it.

You Look Stupid: Not only is it not cool, you look like an idiot standing there next to your bike (and even worse in line at the coffee shop). Nobody actually looks good in chaps and a leather jacket/ Leather race suit/ Full textile touring suit, it’s the harsh truth that once again that only the people who ride looking like you do think you don’t look absolutely ridiculous.

It Really is Dangerous: Sometimes stuff you can’t control bites you. The rear wheel of your well maintained BMW locks up and throws you down the freeway. Someone slams on their brakes right in front of you, or runs a read light. Stuff like this happens and sometimes you are lucky and it’s just your bike that’s destroyed. Other times you now have a ten inch steel plate in your leg and some days are so bad that every step you take hurts a little.

Now maybe you’re wondering why I ride?

That is a whole other post, but the short of it is that I love it and you really have to love it to make it worthwhile, otherwise… it can really suck.


About MotoCynic

I started riding motorcycles in 2006, and there is no going back. I've ridden more than 100,000 miles, most of it on a Ducati Monster, and despite setbacks and murderous BMW's I'm loving every mile.
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One Response to Why You Really Don’t Want to Ride a Motorcycle

  1. Everything you list is exactly why most of us ride. Riding is an addiction, and like any addicton its hard to shake once your hooked.

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