It’s working

Two months ago I decided to try and reverse the trend of my weight gain that’s been heading generally upward for … well basically my entire life. I didn’t do much, I started walking more and downloaded an App to my phone to track calories and bought an accurate scale. Since I did those things in that order I’m not exactly sure how heavy I was when I started.

Even with out knowing exactly I’ve lost about 12 lbs since then, maybe closer to 15. Which is pretty good, and it’s nice to see that it’s not that hard so far. I suspect that what will be hard will be keeping the weight off and continuing to lose weight.

The fact is that I’m feeling thinner, and clothes are now not fitting like they used to which is good and bad. My motorcycle gear is no longer a bit tight which is good (and honestly one of my motivating factors) but my jeans are getting loose and I’m going to need a smaller belt if this continues.

The most important thing though is that I’m now 12 lbs faster!

Zoom Zoom!


About MotoCynic

I started riding motorcycles in 2006, and there is no going back. I've ridden more than 100,000 miles, most of it on a Ducati Monster, and despite setbacks and murderous BMW's I'm loving every mile.
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2 Responses to It’s working

  1. Faster is good. 🙂

    I did a similar thing earlier this year and managed to lose about 24 lbs. I’ve still got a looong way to go to get to where I need to be, but I’m looking forward to buying clothes at places other than “Big n Tall”

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