Dad’s Dream Bike… Have to give the old man credit, it’s pretty cool.

This might turn out to be quite a ramble of a post.

I’m going to start at the beginning, even though I’m not entirely sure that’s the best place to start.

A week or so ago (depending on when I actually post this it could be longer) I went to San Diego for Comic Con. It was crazy and while I have lots of interesting stories from the Con almost none of them are motorcycle related so I won’t bore you with them here. However, since I am a complete nut for motorcycles I of course have one motorcycle related event(s) from that weekend. That is what this post is about.

It starts on Saturday morning. I was crossing the street on the way to the convention center when this motorcyclist pulls up to the light.


I thought he looked very cool and after a moment hesitation I took that picture. Sadly he wasn’t looking at me (or delibrately looking away) and the light turned green shortly after and he rode off.

If that was all to the story it wouldn’t be blog worthy (although I think it is a cool picture) … so don’t worry there is more.

On the way back to our car that evening I came across the bike again. Sadly sans rider since it would have been cool to talk to him, but I took some more pictures of his bike.

Love a good Cafe Racer.

Love a good Cafe Racer.

Pretty cool looking in my opinion.

This might not be the original tank according to my Honda bike expert.

This might not be the original tank according to my Honda bike expert.

I don’t know why, but at the time I did not recognize the icon on the tank, and did not get a chance to look closely at my pictures until on Monday at work one of my delivery people who also restores vintage bikes was in and I thought to ask him. I showed him the picture and asked him what kind of bike it was. Just as I did this I recalled what the tank badge was, a Honda, but he was able to tell that it was a 750, and most likely a 1975. Though there was something about the tank that he said was different that made him think it was from another Honda… but that was enough for me. (Of course he and I could be wrong and feel free to correct me in the comments below.)

Now for the cool coincidence is that when I was looking for pictures on Google a few minutes ago I realized that the Honda 750 was my Dad’s dream bike when I was little. He was riding a 350 at the time and he would loved to have had a 750. My old man, he’s got good taste in motorcycles!

That’s it, my San Diego Comic Con Motorcycle story. Or at least the one that doesn’t involve being annoyed by some straight pipe Harley guy trying to park and making an obnoxious racket.  We can save that one for another time… or maybe never.

Zoom zoom.


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I started riding motorcycles in 2006, and there is no going back. I've ridden more than 100,000 miles, most of it on a Ducati Monster, and despite setbacks and murderous BMW's I'm loving every mile.
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2 Responses to Dad’s Dream Bike… Have to give the old man credit, it’s pretty cool.

  1. Dad says:

    The use of that logo appears to be pre 1975. I certainly did want one. But then there was a little mouth to feed.

    • Cynic13th says:

      Turn around is fair play. Take the MSF and get your M class and you can ride my bike anytime =)
      Too bad a nicely restored one would cost many times as much as the original did. And you would still have crappy brakes.

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