New Brakes!

YAY motorcycle is Back with new rotors and calipers. Braking is much smoother, but I am missing the bite my old brakes used to have. Stopping doesn’t seem as powerful nor as fast. I am wondering if newer break pads would help. Smooth braking is really nice though.

So I rode for the first time this year. The first time in January? It was fun. Missed my motorcycle.
For the Record 22850 miles on her when I left the shop.

(damn that 24k service is going to be too soon …)


About MotoCynic

I started riding motorcycles in 2006, and there is no going back. I've ridden more than 100,000 miles, most of it on a Ducati Monster, and despite setbacks and murderous BMW's I'm loving every mile.
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3 Responses to New Brakes!

  1. web_pony says:

    I’m surprised you replaced rotors w/o the pads… but it never seems that stuff wears out equally does it?
    You can get VERY different results just by swapping pads out & apparently it’s a pretty easy fix. (just my experience-via-proxy talking ya know) So maybe a fun weekend garage project? I HAVE done that one before, okay it was on a VW bus but how much different is a Ducati, eh? 😉

    But seriously, I would think that after bleeding the lines that the whole feel down to the calipers would alter. I think you can tighten up the braking controls tho’ if you want more punch. (sigh) I am glad but also miffed I have nothing to play on w/ Beezy. 🙂

    • cynic13th says:

      The new rotors were not because of wear, but because of the accident bent one, and I finally ( a year later) decided I was sick of the slighty choppy breaking. I have done pads on cars multiple times, so I am assuming its not that bad, I just have no experience with how much pads effect breaking. I was just barely aware that there are aftermarket pads available and I know they have racing ones.. blah blah blah.. but “stickier” ones??? … haven’t looked into it yet. YAY more stuff to learn!

      • web_pony says:

        The new rotors were not because of wear, but because of the accident bent one
        oh yes, you did tell me that…sorry, brain a bit crispy

        But, feeling a bit talky this am… so I think calipers affect the amount of work you have to do for braking – like giving you more ‘bite’ w/ less effort. pads affect fade (impt for all those hwy 9 runs). rotors, i have no idea what they do for brake feel :p but for some reason i figure larger rotors are better – for more braking surface? That is my extent of knowledge.
        HH’s have been recommended for Beezy and I am considering the upgrade.
        But with all the cold & wet & not being a ‘super commuter stud’ like you I have no plans ’til spring.

        Yah for geeking on garage stuff :p

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